Monday, February 25, 2008


12am to 2.30pm to help Christiane have our little boy.

1 hour 30 mins to say hello to little boy and then to Dancing on ice with Bisi driving and Iain.

Arrive six pm 25 minutes for prep for national tv show and be part of that live!

Sent out announcement of birth to 10 million viewers - saves on cards....

Very nearly gave Suzanne a six! She was superb....

Home with little one and wife wondering at the gift of life.

How blessed I am.

Thank you every one for the congratulations and to capital radio for the poll to find a name, or validate 'TIGER' - I like Tiger as a name.




jewell said...

OK, names - I have no idea! I just dont think you should have both names ending the same ( -er). My fave boys name is Thomas.
What names does Christiane like?

What is wrong with the DOI scoring system. 3 times now it has given wrong scores! Get it fixed before the final!

Carol said...

Congratulations to you both!!

Personally, I think Jason is a lovely name ......

bolero25 said...

well done getting to the show on time yesterday and it was nice that they announced it!! you must be so proud of your lovely wife and new son!! Any names yet - apart from Tiger?!! My fav boys names are Matthew and Daniel!