Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby ICE TIMES needs oxygen

ICE TIMES excerpts up on site, so brilliant to see the results of the teams work. I am very excited in how the show was received and how it is growing as we critique and develop it.

But… ICE TIMES feels like a very young baby (the metaphor is appropriate as I prepare to be a daddy!). ICE TIMES feels to me like it is in an incubator and needs help to survive.

In this case the help to survive comes, not through oxygen, but through the support of ticket sales. Currently the baby looks very fragile in this area.

I need your help to keep it alive. Please pass on the link to - encourage your friends to do the same. Buy tickets, encourage you friends to do the same, we are working on low prices to make it accessible and we need support. I promise you superb value for money and loads of laughs, fun and ice dancing!

Any help you can give in helping us network the show would be great. All venues need help in ticket sales.

People are interested but they could not see what was in it before – now they can! And, to be honest, the show has grown far more than I envisaged when we first made the posters and flyers. So if they see the video they will come – I hope.

I think we have created something here that has value as a fascinating, informative entertainment product and I love to deliver it, I love to skate, I love the repartee and skating with Louise (who was brilliant), and I think it is a unique product in the World.

As you laugh, learn and see the sequins and the sparkle and enjoy the ice dancing my gut tells me this show reaches peoples hearts…

But only if they come along.

Pass this on – ICE TIMES is the show to see.

The baby needs oxygen – help it survive and grow…. Bless you.

And thank you



PS Who knows if we can keep it alive through the early days it might grow to reach a West End theatre one day?

Now that would be brilliant – rock n roll.

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