Sunday, October 31, 2010


Back after 12 days at sea on P&O Cruise ship Azura to the Canary Islands and back via Lisbon and Vigo. Cream crackered and need a rest! We were in Madeira when it rained and rained, there were floods there that killed 43 people earlier in the year. Interesting to here locals advising where not to go as they feared landslides!

I did my new YOUR CALL Show in the theatre. I was on 2pm in afternoon and had a super time with Techies form sound Richard and lighting Steve setting up. Twenty four lighting cues, smoke etc - all great fun.

The show was the best yet, a theatre being a lovely venue but... I did a little intro with a few laughs about life on the ship (5 minutes extra) I expanded a bit of story detail (9 minutes extra) and I found I was 59 instead of 45 minutes! Now this does not normally matter as most times I do two shows in an evening so if I'm a bit longer on one it's no trouble. I had noticed people arriving at the back - I thought it was my audience arriving late - the venue became chocker block - lovely.. I thought. Anyway something told me to stop - Benne the Cruise Director coughing from the wings, lights being lifted, red lights beings hone at me etc etc..

What to do with 15 minutes left... I summed up and found a convenient out point and we concluded. The team had 1 minute to reset for the 70 piece choir to follow!! Oh my word. Might have been fine if one artist was to follow.

I did a Q & A with Benne on the last day of the cruise at sea and did the last 15 minutes and we had some fun with it so all was not lost. However this was a 10 am so some of my former audience was still in bed. They allowed 30 minutes after me to get the choir in - just in case!

Anyway the learning for me is to check if the 45 minutes is rigid. I did 46 minutes in Barnsley the other week. But I didn't have all the visuals. It was 46 on Oceana running at full steam ahead. All in all a fun adventure although I did feel like a naughty school boy for a day and did get a boo from all the choir people wanting me 'out of the way' on the show. Actually there was frisson in the audience as my lot wanted me to finish my show and the others wanted me off...

I think I will be remembered! My apologies to the choir. A lesson I will not forget.

All this said Christiane said it was the best show yet and I had some very positive feedback, all the cues worked - except one - we were trying to get the fire to work a la DOI.

We hung out with the Entertainers this time, never made the main restaurant, saw loads of performances. I love to see it and learn as I spend time with these top professionals.

Bob, Mike(Mick) Victor, Andrew, Robert, Amanda were amongst those we got to know. My late nights in entertainment land added to early up with our son 8am! took it's toll. Well worth it. Back in the gym from tomorrow to clear the system and get into shape.