Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Had a wonderful holiday. Two weeks away, lovely. We went around the Med on a ship, I spent lots of mornings in the creche with Tiger and his chums. Great fun. I have always wanted to jump into one of those ball park things you see at Ikea and was able to fulfil that aspiration whilst posing as a help to the youngsters playing! :)

Back for a week and in action then... MAN FLU. Sunday - lousy cough and it's all over - to bed for the day. It's worse for us guys than the ladies I'm sure. Today I'm nearly back in action but still groggy. Christiane has been making me egg soldiers and buying Lucozade - to replenish her man/boy. I love her.

And Dancing On ice is staring to gear up. New judge, new celebs, a lot of the same team. It will be good to see friends again sat in the same seats doing the jobs they did last year - a little deja vu.

Back to the cough medicine.