Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This weekend we had time with my brother and his family, he has three boys - 2 1/2, 6 and 10 years old. Christiane did a film making course so I had Tiger for two days, he's 19 months old. My it was exhausting... There was one moment where I was distracted by watching cycles in Richmond park - a duathalon was in progress and I suddenly lost Tiger from my vision. A moment but my what a moment! He was beside me. I can understand how Christiane and all mum's get so tired by the constant demands of the little one, not so much in attention as in running all over the place, interested in everything, little apparent concept of fear.

I ended up facilitating the use of a toy phone amongst the three youngest boys. The phone was George's and it was 'mine' initially but shared later on... Good corporate managing training methinks - for me that is!

Yesterday a sound and lighting show... learnt a lot but not reached end of specing for lights studio. Some interesting innovations possible though. Wish I could fast track learning still.. Found some breakthrough sound products - APC 640 from Akai for Ableton is super aid to composition in live performance mode.

Last night I had a meeting with some business friends and come away a bit bruised. It's funny how you know you are climbing a mountain of a project and others can see a different perspective as they watch you. Need to take on board comments and reset some areas - it's all about focus...

Back to the mountain then...



Grey wet September day. Winter comes soon