Friday, December 24, 2010


Eighteen minutes till leaving for a Christmas celebration with my brother and his family with my mother too. My website software is frozen so I can't update it, I have admin to do, which I keep putting off, I have not done a lot of contacts and friends Christmas messages - (we have sent quite a few but I need admin help!)... There is loads to do... and

I have a sense of PEACE... as I am here in my studio. The studio is starting to be much cleaner and sorted, a lovely place to be, another few items to make, buy and it will be welcoming and functional - a lovely space for an artist... ME :)

And I think about the story of Christmas. I am a Christian man and I watched The Nativity on the BBC last night - it moved me and brought home in a different way the Christmas message.

More than anything, be it financial success, celebrity, acclaim or derision, happiness or sadness, pain or joy it is about the person of a baby called Jesus. The incredible gift he was to free us - one by one - to have freedom and peace, that passes all understanding.

Wow that is where I sit right now. It doesn't happen often but I'd like to have more of it in 2011. And so for you too - here wishing you love and peace this Christmas 2010.

Love Nicky

9 minutes to go - must pack! :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Have just returned from Austria - I have skied one day in the last seven years and this was getting back on the piste. I had the weekend with friends and last Monday and Tuesday on my own filming as I skied down. Got stranded in the dark Tuesday evening! Should make for a good film once I can get editing sorted - some beautiful footage.

My website is playing up - can't get the software to work so apologies for music not working etc.. Technical gremlins need to be found.



Sunday, December 5, 2010


Just back from watching Ruthie Henshall lead a super charity concert for Suffolk Carers with Christiane. She is the Patron of that charity. First time I have seen here sing and it was brilliant to see her at ease in her natural environment rather than being shouted at on Dancing On Ice - where I first met her.

The show was a great night with lots of new talent, a superb musical director and a treat to see the musicians - that are often hidden down in the orchestra pit - on stage. I learnt a lot about musical direction and drumming and percussion!

Caught up with Ruthie afterwards - lovely to see her again.


Thursday, December 2, 2010


A new vista - a fresh view. I have just invested in a new box of tricks that fits onto my EX3 video camera and enables it to take in up to 220 Megabites per second (MPS) - What?... You may say? Sounds like tech speak me... and it is.

The bottom line is that I can record at 100MPS, or over, and that makes footage that I shoot acceptable as broadcast quality footage in any area of the world.

So, from looking to create music and film for the web, suddenly I am able to create shows that can be on the web and could also be syndicated as television programmes on any world network. On my way to becoming a Production Company. Hmmm... it's the vision but it was s step away technically until today. I have full uncompressed HD in the studio - he's talking techie again.. Indeed... and now I have higher quality input from out and about... awesome.

Oh yes, from sublime to the almost ridiculous, I bought some funky squidgy toys that I imagine can dance - and you may see them dance with me on a video sometime soon, such is my world! The lady at Early Learning Centre had to go out to the container in the snow and brought back some different coloured squidges - brilliant. Buy three get a pound off - bargain. They will make you smile. Perhaps it's because I have been watching The Muppet Movie with my son that I am this inspired. I love Animal and Zoot - they are my heros from that cast....

Had to take the car for an MOT to save Christiane from the dreaded snow and I love driving on ice and snow so no problems for me. Wrote three lyrics whilst waiting for MOT and brakes refit... As you do between ten and 1.15!

Three lyrics and five squidges and I did make it to the gym - even though I was cream crackered. A productive day then.

Hope you had one too.



PS - I didn't even get - my best bits from Dancing On ice - now don't you think after five years they might do that for me?... Only kidding - I think... I'm not bitter - just processing.... I mean a gold watch a £100k pay off as an act of goodwill all would be fine...