Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Brighton 30th January 2008 first of my shows. Worked from lunchtime to 9 am with the producers Giles and Ben yesterday we moved things along apace.

Ice Times will have me skating and story telling with some surprises as well there's loads to do o develop the storyline with efects to give it theatrical depth. I love the challenge of that and it will keep me occupied over CHristmas.

Now I need a skating partner.... anyone out there?

Ireland for Late Late how was very good I sat next to George Hook who has a radio programme The Right Hook and commentates on rugby, lovely man we had great banter. The skaters were all quite nervous Royston skated ok but could have done a little better, Glenda had some moments where she forgot her routine and Celia had had some big falls that had taken the wind out of her sails. She did however courageously do what she set out to do with grace and flair looking lovely out there. Finally John was so funny, he managed to skate without his zimmer frame - for a little while but his overall creative presentation whilst lacking in technical ability was great entertainmenet so I had him first.

Celia won the public vote and was a well deserved winner - well done to her and everyone.

And thanks to Caroline Moody for coming up with the idea and making it happen with 7UP and RTE. A win all round.



Sunday, December 9, 2007

Jumping off a bridge in Dublin

Well last week was SENSE event in London helping people skate around the Broadgate Rink for charity.

This week I found myself in Dublin to help celebs who are to skate a solo routine next week live on air for charity. So on the Late Late show and doing the Michael Parkinson interview thing with Pat Kenny. Great fun…. There again next Friday to help the celebs and judge what they come up with.

I so admire each of them doing it – and I love the pace they were improving – Royston is doing Frank Sinatra and I choreographed him a little number – it will be fab. Celia was a top model and now has a model agency – she’s going to use some of that catwalk savvy in the routine, she has natural grace and was an Irish dance champion – translating some of that flair is her goal. John is a thinker and when I got him to relax and dance a little off ice it was a heart lifting moment. He’s skating with his zimmer frame at the moment – but not by next week. Glenda is young, fearless and through the falls will come up with something with zest and panache. Can’t wait for the show next week.

I had to have a Guinness of course and foud myself in this little pub by my posh hotel – with very thin walls (great to be woken up at 6 am by the TV next door and someone throwing up at 6.30 – charming). Anyway, I was educated by a lovely guy I sat next too about the diference of GB and Irish Guinness. It’s not the Guinness it’s the way it’s delivered and poured apparently. They have separate gas canisters in Ireland? Anyway I think that’s how it was put to me.

Jumping off the bridge was my new friends metaphor for stepping out. Once you’ve jumped you have to sort things out, focuses the mind. I did this by going for my fourth Guinness! Next morning on the ice I wasn’t too hot and four days later I still feel very fat!! It was a great evening though I did learn that ‘weighing achor’ is different to jumping off bridges…

I loved Dublin. “Do you have Christmas?” I asked one of the drivers who feried me around – ahhh yes big time, he told me. I explained how we are having to be more and more politically correct in our fair country in case we upset people who don’t believe in Christmas. “ If They don’t like it they can go home,” was his answer to that. Delivered eloquently in a beautiful soft Irish accent. At the Lord Major of Dublin’s house they have a full size crib with proper animals – it’s outside his house. Cows, sheep, ducks etc – great attraction I’m told.

Met Christopher Biggins at Late Late show – he must think I’m from another planet. I said “So are you doing a show in town?” I did not know he had won Get Me out of Here? Would help if I had a TV of course…

Two babies on the way.

(1) my first son due to say hello Feb 23rd 2008. Christiane is doing great.

Working on names – Plantagent, Erkhart, Horace, Horation Slater – perhaps I have mentioned that already. Well it was a suggestion – “Thanks for calling me Plant dad” I can hear in the future. Perhaps a rethink.

(2) One Man show – plus a skating assistant. First one in Brighton January 30th – too soon! Arrgh… need to find the girl to be my assistant and get the skates sharpened. My producer friends have apparently told the theatres that I will be doing routines in these shows…. Thanks guys. I did say I’d be speaking and skating but no more. So they’ve really dropped me in it. Never mind watching celebrities being challenged it’s my turn! As ever a little spur will help move things along... it always does for me.

Oh yes and singing. I’ve joined a choir – The Brighton Welsh Male Voice Choir and sang with the chaps last week in a concert in Worthing. They are great. We even sang in Welsh – I wasn’t very loud in that one. Great fun, got a red bow tie and now I’m part of the team. Watch out Domingo I’m on my way – moving up from second tenor to tenor to give the high notes a bash tommorow.

Sang in one of our church bands this morning. Didn’t do the Pavoroti thing though. Well, there’s a time and a place.

Off to a well earned bath…

Bye for now.