Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Brighton 30th January 2008 first of my shows. Worked from lunchtime to 9 am with the producers Giles and Ben yesterday we moved things along apace.

Ice Times will have me skating and story telling with some surprises as well there's loads to do o develop the storyline with efects to give it theatrical depth. I love the challenge of that and it will keep me occupied over CHristmas.

Now I need a skating partner.... anyone out there?

Ireland for Late Late how was very good I sat next to George Hook who has a radio programme The Right Hook and commentates on rugby, lovely man we had great banter. The skaters were all quite nervous Royston skated ok but could have done a little better, Glenda had some moments where she forgot her routine and Celia had had some big falls that had taken the wind out of her sails. She did however courageously do what she set out to do with grace and flair looking lovely out there. Finally John was so funny, he managed to skate without his zimmer frame - for a little while but his overall creative presentation whilst lacking in technical ability was great entertainmenet so I had him first.

Celia won the public vote and was a well deserved winner - well done to her and everyone.

And thanks to Caroline Moody for coming up with the idea and making it happen with 7UP and RTE. A win all round.



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