Friday, August 15, 2008

A Landline!!!!

More like a landmine... Trying to get a landline and broadband installed. Is it just me or is Customer Service a misnomer when trying to get a telephone and broadband provision.

Talk Talk was a trip - the menus, the take you through entering your number - then they ask for it again! Why... and the 'getting nowhere end of the line - only 25 minutes of my life and a few pence on the mobile but not quit my idea of entertainment...

BT - into menu heaven - reach an operator hello sir please give me your fullname and your date of birth? 'Why on earth do you need my date of birth? I just want a landline connected..." ...... she cut me off - rat bag... so through the menu heaven again. Haven't had such an effective cut off since a Washington based taxi company lady cut me dead - in the US of A. 

Try again - Dave - helpful - £125 for your line but then we have to tie you in for twelve months, as you'd expect, and by the way if you leave us in that time we charge you £70... 

Ok so let me get this straight - you charge me to connect, you force me to get a 12 month package as a part of that and then - should someone else provide a better service you charge me to leave... let me think about it!

Easier to negotiate world peace than get a simple solution on your phone package? Perhaps....

I've been having a great day before that!!!!

Enjoy the weekend.


Friday, August 8, 2008


We've moved - upped sticks from Brighton and found a new place to live with a superb live and work space split. Bit of a caffufle sorting out all the details to say the least but all will be fine.

And now we have a studio space - amazing and exciting and then... Lots of work to set up and make things happen. I've been wanting to have time and facilities to develop music and visuals for ages. Now we have the space... so no more excuses! Just do it.... Ha ha.