Friday, August 15, 2008

A Landline!!!!

More like a landmine... Trying to get a landline and broadband installed. Is it just me or is Customer Service a misnomer when trying to get a telephone and broadband provision.

Talk Talk was a trip - the menus, the take you through entering your number - then they ask for it again! Why... and the 'getting nowhere end of the line - only 25 minutes of my life and a few pence on the mobile but not quit my idea of entertainment...

BT - into menu heaven - reach an operator hello sir please give me your fullname and your date of birth? 'Why on earth do you need my date of birth? I just want a landline connected..." ...... she cut me off - rat bag... so through the menu heaven again. Haven't had such an effective cut off since a Washington based taxi company lady cut me dead - in the US of A. 

Try again - Dave - helpful - £125 for your line but then we have to tie you in for twelve months, as you'd expect, and by the way if you leave us in that time we charge you £70... 

Ok so let me get this straight - you charge me to connect, you force me to get a 12 month package as a part of that and then - should someone else provide a better service you charge me to leave... let me think about it!

Easier to negotiate world peace than get a simple solution on your phone package? Perhaps....

I've been having a great day before that!!!!

Enjoy the weekend.



jewell said...

Nope, not just you - happens to everyone! And guess what happens if your service breaks down and you have to contact them - you can only do it online!!
Or you go through three seperate 'recorded message'numbers before trying a completely irrelevant department, just so you can speak to a real person and they can put you throught to the RIGHT person! Standard practice :(
And its' not just 25 minutes on the line, its that, several times over, plus knowing that the person you eventually talk to will be in India and you wont understand them, and that there HAS to be an easier was after all invented to MAKE life easied...etc, etc.

Ok, rant over...!

JD said...

DO NOt go with BT! I have spent the last 6 months of my life in an arguement with them - they tied me into an 18month contract without telling me for phone/broadband and btvision and then didn't meet any requirements on the contract. They were then going to charge me silly money to come out of the contract early despite the fact that i had been on the phone to them 10 times in 4 months to complain about service faults/breakdowns while their customer service (and i use the term service loosely) lied to me and promised to phone me back when they didn't.

eventually cancelled the contract with them afer threatening to take them to Trading Standards for their por service and breach of contract and they cancelled everything without charge.

am now with virgin media and they have been a great help! and i now have eurosport again so i can watch the skating!

Hope you get it sorted!