Thursday, June 28, 2007

Still Alive... YouTube video...

My apologies for not having posted anything for ages. Been a little busy, Google account won't let me sign in and technology is getting tired. I need to update my system, looking at a major upgrade - exciting.

Well I got married on May 5th - and so many friends came to the service, reception and party. Pictures will follow. Neil posted a brief video on youtube - enter nicky slater in search engine and there's one from Roy - with a dog pre service! And Neil's handheld pirate video. It was an absolutely brilliant day. We have wonderful pictures. I am a lucky man.

Married life is great. Sorting out our respective boxes of stuff and I'm throwing loads out and helping the charity shops locally too.

Christiane likes order and I do too. Takes time to get my stuff sorted though. I am a stationery junkie and have six boxes of files and associated goodies to be given away! You know how you just move boxes around and restore them. Well I'm trying to get rid. Cathartic process.

I've done two cruises since being offline. Fantastic time. Will share news on these when I get pictures and technology sorted.

I'm writing two books at once right now - been very productive but now need to edit what I've written and get actual output of product - 70,000 words in two weeks! Lots of 'and' and 'buts' !

Lots to come and now I can get back into the blog I can add content.

Love to everyone who reads this - thanks for tuning in....