Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ha ha, Emma glad you enjoyed the - slightly different show in Croydon! Best night out you've had in ages with your friend - well we did laugh a lot, what a night!

I need a new partner for my next ICE TIMES show a week on Thursday. No pressure at all then!

I need a petite top class ice dancer to come out of the woodwork and magically appear! Actually I am taking steps to find someone who could take on the role but there seem to be very few girls who will fill the bill right now.

I sit in how to make the shows brilliant for the audience and not be beholden to 'the girl'. Otherwise the shows cannot continue. It's an interesting conundrum.

I'm excited about how the show has developed and we're working on all technical and content aspects to try to ensure we have all our systems robust.

But 'the girl' now there's the challenge.... we shall see. Know anyone? Let me know. 

We've changed some dates and I need to have the site updated! 
Sorry for people who were not able to see me in Hayes we'll be back July 9th



Saturday, May 24, 2008


ICE TIMES last Thursday! Goodness me. This show is having it's technical problems but Thursday was the biggest and most challenging so far. From 4 pm to 7.45 start and then beyond up to ten people trying to get the computer to link up to the projector and the sound to work. Sound link to computer broken, visuals work... and sound fails.

So - what do you do? Carry on... It was quite a night. I think being alongside Peter Kay must have provided some inspiration as the audience and I laughed our way through the scenario of 'Can it possibly get any worse'. Improvisation, seeing the same slide 25 times - (so exciting!?) and working with the pain of the moments had us laughing and almost crying from 7.45 to 10.30.
Sorry for the long interval without info everyone - I was remaking the second half!

Skated with Louise Owen and she coped well with the alterations...

I will be glad when the gremlins are out of this show technically. Even the guitar sound dissapeared between half time sound check and me playing - crazy.

However, it does show what can be done and the humour of the situation gave everyone more laughs than I had heard before so on a laughter / value basis this show - with technical meltdown - was the most successful. Maybe there is a lesson in that?

Have had to cancel some shows because of lack of support and reschedule others that had good audiences for a variety of reasons. My apologies for anyone who is inconvenienced about this, hope you can come to new dates.

In some ways, even with the enormous stress points the show is creating for me regarding technical issues ICE TIMES is developing in an exciting way. It is becoming more dynamic and more spontaneous - God knows where it will end up! But I hope there will be a lot more insight and laughter for the audiences that will build to and inform our next production...



Friday, May 16, 2008

The end of Dancing On Ice Tour - Ice Times beckons

Dancing On Ice perk - sitting next to Peter Kay who was our guest judge in Manchester one evening. He created wonderful comedic chaos and I loved every minute of it. 

DOI Tour finishes tomorrow - 51 shows I think we've had, now that is some tour. It's been great but enough now, time to have a little space at home.

Two ICE TIMES shows next week and loads to do. New boots - they were white and I've dyed them! But they won't dry properly. New partner Louise Owen - skating together Monday. New Production Manager, new way of running show with my controlling visuals and probably sound too. So it's going to be a busy week.

Can't wait to get into the show again and looking forward to it  as well as being daunted by so much to do and leaning stuff with Louise - we'll make it fun though.

Written some lovely chords on my guitar this week - it's still got altered tuning and is providing a rich source of new music.

Tiger is doing brilliantly and starting to do long conversations that almost finish with 'Hello' or maybe he's just gurgling?



Monday, May 5, 2008

Liverpool Dancing On Ice Tour - Wedding Anniversary

The city where I was born. I am a Scouser! Probably wise to not let people know I support Manchester United then partly owing to the fact I was dragged away to Bury in Lancashire at the age of 18 months and grew up around the Manchester area.

Show 5 of 6 in three days approaches. The shows are all going very well and audiences are having a great time. Everyone seems to be fine - I imagine all the skaters will be shattered by the end of tonight.

Day off tomorrow. In Manchester all week. Wonderful. One show days from Tuesday to Friday so I've time for work out, do my show prep and some skating plus a show int he evening. Busy but a fixed schedule.

Tiger and Christiane like our hotel. It's gorgeous, light and central, a week relaxing for them and Christiane meeting up with family members will be just fine.

Great life for us on our Wedding Anniversary - today. One year on and we have a lovely little boy and are on the road with a show tour and lovely people - wow - we are so blessed.

Have a great day.