Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Day three of a little boys life. A new daddy who has actually had some sleep. 

A house full of flowers and love. 

Standing guard as baby and mum sleep; what could be better?

And Robin (Cousins) was not correct - he said 'I would never hear quiet again.' It sounds golden right now.... Thanks for the card by the way Robin.

Have a great day wherever you are.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ha ha they said it would change my life, they said it was tiring. What do they know?

I managed to sleep nearly three hours last night in between bionic nappy changing (contents are bionic!) and having him sleep on my chest. Easy Peasey,... Bring on the Nurofen.

TV interviews this week? My eyes may be shut. Dancing on Ice next Sunday? May need something to keep me awake.

Day 2 of a young life... wow.



PS Apparently little one has made the news according to Neil in Australia. I've been too busy to see!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Apparently it's a tradition to have a drink to 'Wet the baby's head. So who am I to disagree with that especially after Phillip and Holly gave us a bottle of Bollinger from the Dancing on Ice team at the studio yesterday. So Christiane's mum Margaret myself and Christiane have wet that baby's head. Christiane had a sip or two and that may have contributed to the fact that little one was hic upping and making loud crying noises for a while this evening. Thankfully some respite for a few moments. And so insomnia begins...

My son is one and a half days old. And he is gorgeous...




No these two guys are not getting married the one on the right is my driver for Dancing on Ice BISI. He's Nigerian and has his eight child on the way, he's been busy! Iain is there to help whisk me back to the studio if we can make it in time for the show. The guys sat outside waiting for me and as I came out after the birth they presented me with these flowers for Christiane and me from the DOI Team - lovely gesture. They had put them on the bonnet of Bisi's Mercedes but I had to get them to pose together. What a handsome couple they make!!!

We left at 4.10 pm got to the studio at 6 pm and were on air at 6.25 pm. Brilliant timing, perhaps I could leave at 4 pm each week for the show? Perhaps not.... A trafic jam on the M25 got Iain's pulse faster but Bisi made it in time.

DOI show was eventful - lovely to have little ones arrival announced on national tv - saves ending cards out. Wish I'd given a plug for home births and the mid wives though. I also proposed Tiger as little ones name. Mixed reaction from great to - you must be kidding! Still negotiating with Christiane on this.

I was so pleased to see Suzanne and Matt skate their socks off - nearly, or so nearly gave a 6.0..... Mind you in the mood I was in and with three hours sleep in the previous 24 I was about to give everyone a 6!

Audience, technical crew and everyone gave me congratulations - how amazing the birth of a little one can be for releasing some love in the world...


Nicky Slater’s baby dash!
Published: Sunday, 24 February 2008, 1:55PM
Show bosses panic as judge Nicky Slater's wife goes into labour ahead of tonight’s live show.

Well this was the DOI set up for Sunday's show on the DOI website... Hee he we had no idea if I would be able to make it...

This series has been a tumultuous one for our Ice Panel, with rows, ultimatums and the odd poem popping up in each breathtaking live ice-travaganza.

And this week there is a new source of excitement among our judges, as Nicky Slater rushes from rehearsals on the day of the live show to be with his wife Christianne (whom he married last May), who has just gone into labour with their first child!

But whilst our thoughts and best wishes are with Nicky as he soars down to Brighton for the birth of his baby, there is the small problem of a certain live show beaming out across the nation tonight.

And a gaping great hole in that Ice Panel…

But the show must go on!

So will five judges become four for the week seven ice spectacle?

And what on earth would we do if there was a tie break in the skate-off?

Tune in tonight at 6.25pm and 8.30pm to find out…


12am to 2.30pm to help Christiane have our little boy.

1 hour 30 mins to say hello to little boy and then to Dancing on ice with Bisi driving and Iain.

Arrive six pm 25 minutes for prep for national tv show and be part of that live!

Sent out announcement of birth to 10 million viewers - saves on cards....

Very nearly gave Suzanne a six! She was superb....

Home with little one and wife wondering at the gift of life.

How blessed I am.

Thank you every one for the congratulations and to capital radio for the poll to find a name, or validate 'TIGER' - I like Tiger as a name.



Sunday, February 24, 2008


Wow. At 2.30pm GMT Christiane gave birth to a baby boy. No drugs or anything for me or Christiane.

Chloe our midwife was brilliant along with Polly and Jenny - another midwife who was here too. Awesome.

Outside Iian and Bisi (my driver) - from Dancing On Ice. have to leave by 4.15 to reach the show.

Name? - in negotiation. I'm pushing for Tiger John Edward Slater... Christiane is not sure yet.


Daddy Slater - rock n roll

Having a baby!!!

In process... Things are hotting up!

Pick up for Dancing on Ice at 11 am not on then. I might miss the show tonight!

This whole birth process is amazing. I'm tired already, and I'm not doing anything...


Baby coming!

Good morning - it's 6.01 and Christiane is having contractions every four minutes - last one, one minute ago was 1 minute 15 seconds. Little one - working title 'Tiger' Slater is on the move.

Hospital is short staffed, (have I heard that before?) so home delivery may be in jeopody as only two midwives covering Sussex Hospital and our area. But newly qualified (midwife) Polly, our friend from church, is on her way from London so we'll see what she says when she gets here.

Amazing to be in the process of birth! Well not me actually I'm just the morale support.... Better put computer away another contraction coming...



Friday, February 22, 2008


Sat with Andrew and Kate on GMTV sofa this morning, driver took me up and down from Brighton to London. For some reason Kate didn't think I should be sure about baby arriving tomorrow morning? Had a good chat about Dancing on Ice and Ice Times and baby.

Left at 5.45am back 11. Worked in the car - felt like one of those exec type people being chaufered around.

On Alan Titchmarsh this afternoon at 4.45pm. Which will be great fun.

In Daily Mirror tomorrow with Karen (my former skating partner and co-judge on DOI).

As long as they include weblinks that will be fine. Takes loads of time but great to be meeting people in the business.

Baby is due tomorrow... Oh my. Managing stress levels and the unknown...

Have a great day


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm on the Alan Titchmarsh show on Friday at 4.45pm. Had a great day yesterday meeting Alan, the producers and execs and Paul Young. Lovely man.

And there was Andy Collins - our warm up supremo for Dancing On Ice - great to be around friends...

Alan was just as I expected and the team were welcoming and enthusiastic.

Monday, February 18, 2008


What a quiet show last night!... I am kidding of course. Since the seating arrangement has been changed I found myself in a pincer movement between Karen and Jason. You may say I brought it on myself but things certainly got lively for a few moments on the judging panel. I even got earache from my driver Bisi on the way home... what's a man to do? Plus a 'Nasty Nick' note (with a loving welcome back inside) sat on the oven hob from Christiane when I returned home.

It's week six and the competition is starting to be just that, a competition, it makes for a different dynamic.

But.... I am more pre-occupied with our baby which is due next Saturday!

I've told our show producer Maria at Dancing on Ice to have a stand in if I'm needed at the birth. So if you think you could judge better than me why not let ITV know you're available to be my stand in next week if I need one!

See ITV Website for all the lowdown. Here's the link.... You'll need to cut and paste it.



Saturday, February 16, 2008


A day off. Luxury. Sun shining and off to the Lookout for a coffee on the beach front here in Brighton. One week today to baby due date.

So many stories from the show last night and the week before but a sense of satisfaction that the team achieved what it set out to do - to deliver brilliant entertainment. Our audience loved the result of all our efforts and we had 194 seats sold. We all deserve a day off.

I was nearly squashed by the ice floor before the show. I stood in the van about to help unload and Jamie undid the ties that bind the plastic sheeting (it weighs about a ton). Unfortunately the van was parked on a bit of a slope and the sheeting, that was stood on its end fell towards me and pinned me to the van side. Fortunately my knees took some of the strain but it took Richard and Jamie to eventually lit it back to vertical. Half way through unloading our ice repeated it's trick and pinned me down again. The guys had to come and lift it off me again. It's heavy! Lucky nothing got broken or damaged, on me not the ice floor.

I reflect on a week of intense work on show development and content, and then the computer breaking down and no visuals being used as a result. the sound was added in though and that really worked. I've sourced music that fits to the eras I'm speaking of and can skate to those tracks. This is a rich pallete and I loved emphasising the stories with the music.

My guitar playing section with Louise was must stronger, it's wonderful to play for someone to skate to and improvise to my music. A gift.

I feel that I learnt another life lesson. That, no matter what happens the hard work and thought of preparation I put into something pays off. We had a pretty dire situation where people were held out of a theatre for 30 minutes after the 8 pm start time. One person asked for their money back. Technical stuff was not working, ice going down was very late, practise time 15 minutes after a week apart. Do you cancel the show or go ahead with no visuals...?

We went ahead and...

We (I) discovered a new way of presenting the performance that reached peoples hearts, provoked loads of laughter and had much more skating, more repartee, more stories more fun and energy, more of me relating to Richard as props man, Jamie on sound and Louise. The stories came more alive...

Funny how moments of adversity can build something better if we (I) just keep going....

Off for a coffee on the beach on my day off - first one in ages.. yay. Have a great day.




It's 1.07 am we've just got home. What a day.

I worked with Ben and Jamie on the show from 11 to 3.30 we then had ages getting all lights and ice in and it was 7.30 when ice was down and it needed cleaning and spraying before the show so hardly any rehearsal.

Then my laptop fell over repeatedly and all the assets I'd worked on and the guys had set up could not be seen on our projector! Show start was for 8 pm and we held people back until 8.30 and had to choose how to proceed. So, after the most intense week of prep on visuals and another days work of the team plus printed out cue sheets we decided to go ahead with NO VISUALS! Ha... I was amazed at how calm I was.... it's good training for something.....

The show was great fun. I ache from the amount of skating I did, my throat was dry from he amount of talking I did, the new music cues worked a treat and we had our third standing ovation. Wow...

Louise was lovely but is beating herself up because she didn't feel on top form. She was skating early morning on real ice and drove all the way down plus had 15 minutes rehearsal... not the ideal for her. But she's great to work with and she had so many curve balls thrown at her tonight her head should have been spinning.

It's a funny thing but for me the lack of visuals behind me meant I had to present out and forward, so I added loads more skating moments. The result was a buzz at half time and a fun ending.

What a privilege to be able to be on stage and performing in this way. I have to pinch myself sometimes.

Oh yes and one of the audience pinched Millbrook and he was sat watching on her knee -it was funny (Milbroook is our mascot). They waited for an hour at the stage door to see me afterwards in the freezing cold - after returning Millbrook.

Richard drove us there and back and helped lay the ice and was my props man tonight, he's a star - he also keeps me fed during the day.

I was cleaning the ice at 8.15 singing about the joys of showbusiness. It's the glamour darling.

A Pimms and the sleep. What an amazing day. Lie in tomorrow / today.

Next production = baby next week after Dancing on ice of course.



Friday, February 15, 2008


08.07 GMT. Time... I seem to be using every waking minute on preparing for tonights show.

1.07am I went to bed after working flat out this week to create the show assets for tonight's performance. At issue is the leadership and co-ordination of the team working on the show, Louise, Ben, Jamie, Stage manager, Richard and for myself to remember the script with cues over the two hour show,

I'm learning to write a show. In fact, I AM writing a show in a format that will work for techies and artists, wow, I love it.

So far - 36 scenes, 25 music cues, over 100 images, lighting cues, costume changes and 10 skating routine areas all knitted together to create theatrical magic and brilliant entertainment.

Right now I'm concerned about the software wobbling and falling over during the presentation so creating separate video files of ever major transition may be necessary! But don't know if there is enough time..... a challenge.

The show has grown to embed music and dates as we travel over time, I excited about it's potential to entertain and inspire and i sense a growing of the baby if we can keep selling tickets and people support us.

We got 'FANTASTIC' stills through from last week's show. the best show pictures i've ever seen of my skating and the set, Louise and Millbrook look wonderful. It looks like the set of Chicago at some points and the ice show it is at others - these will be up shortly. Brilliant assets to represent what we are doing.

So, how to create the slide cues for tonight and video? shower to think and then into it. Meeting at 11 am to go through everything. I need more time....


Christiane has last day at work today - 8 days before baby due.... We are getting a delivery of logs next Thursday so he has been told to wait until saturday due date so I have time to make environment lovely. Actually asked for first rumblings at 8.30 am and pop out at 12.30 so I'll be able to go and watch the football in the afternoon. We shall see if he's been listening. Christiane thinks I might not be interested in the football if he comes out then. I think she may be right...


Hurrah I'm going for Eurosport to Gothenburg. Brilliant. Will be gerat to see old friends - I haven't been to World's for so many years. Fantastic...

Have a great day and say a prayer for my technical stuff please and all the show bits and bobs.... if it works it will be a miracle of teamwork, intuition, preparation and luck! `And my small idea of a one man show! Hardly, this is turning into an epic - Rock N Roll.....



Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have 197 slides, 3 videos, 20 music pieces and a challenge of how to get all this information in an order whereby the team can work everything to accurate cues by Friday evening. I'm used to free form working when I present so this structuring is proving a stretch. But... well I think it's going to be great. I'm just having o do a load of wok 24/7 to try to get it sorted. It's the admin but of creativity and it takes me longer.

Article for Women's Own next week agreed, interesting angle on the women in my life, as you might expect. Think it will raise a chuckle or two - should be in next week if I can get photos scanned by then.

Horsham Friday for ICE TIMES - we have nearly 200 seats sold - yippee. Brilliant... just have to get everything ready by then.

Off to World Championships in Gothenberg for first time in years - will be fantastic to cover it and meet up with old friends again.

so busy... and knackered...

Good night.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OXYTOCIN - the love drug

Oxytocin is very important to child birth I was told last night. It is (now I think I remember this correctly) the drug created when making love! So there you have it. Apparently when you feel secure, warm and loved up Oxytocin is having a field day. Watch out though if you get frightened adrenalin will turn it off. So when the lady feels secure and warm and loved she finds oxytocin is produced and, hey presto, this helps the baby to get its skates on (not literally) and get into action... Informative this is - or perhaps - too much information!

Polly, our midwife friend was explaining all this last night as we looked at what having a baby entails. God is clever in how he made us - it's incredible - but I do sometimes think it's a little bit of too much information for the guy and I'd like the traditional birth of turning up when it's over.... only partly kidding. I think I'll be fine though, I'm planning to take everything, pan... something or other (that has you flying around the airport), gas and air, Guinness and anything else on offer. I think that should see me through.

Compared to show production baby production is a whole other level and there's 11 days to go. My job, because the man needs a job apparently, is the externals, the lighting, the ambience, the seeing my lovely Christiane is as comfortable as possible. This support could be over days! What happens if I get distracted? What happens if Manchester United are playing as they need my support right now. No doubt a gentle and subtle reminder from Christiane will bring my focus back...

I'm laying out the show ICE TIMES in Omnigraffle, enabling an overall view of it with different music and cues. It is becoming richer and I know it more, just have to be sure the guys working on it can follow what is required. Adding music clips to bring to mind specific dates along the Ice Times timeline - every cue adds another potential error point so nailing the detail is going to be key or my stress level will explode again...

Brighton is beautiful, sea is calm and it feels like the start of summer.

Enjoy your day.



Monday, February 11, 2008


Blimey i was tired at Dancing on ice and pretty hopeless on my comments last night. Part of it might be that I'm waiting for the call from Christiane but it's no excuse. For the first week I was not comfortable. C says I need a day off - i haven't had one for ages, by next week's show I've got to stop for a while getting a bit jaded....

Nearly added some purple gloves to my shiny black outfit and purple tie I wore on TV last night - would have created a stir! Ha - either I didn't have the bottle or I'm sensible.... not sure? I think I would have been like the joker....

Re-writing ICE TIMES so that I can script in cues for sound and light operators. A real brain draining experience as I work so much by intuition and overall framing of what I speak of. So, to try to be scripting 2 x 50 minute of a show feels quite a challenge and then formatting it so that the cues come on time and the different people doing lighting sound and props - even without knowing what I'm talking about can drop things in on cue is a detailed job and provides a bit of a strait jacket in my mind....

I feel a bit like I'm having to play to the rules of a different game and that I'm being made to conform (which i don't like)! Ha ha - get over it.....

My bottom line though is to develop a brilliant show and I think by working through this process I will be doing that and developing my scriptwriting ability that will bode well for the future. Just feels restrictive and I'm kicking and stressed by it. No doubt in the next two days i will have something that works - don't want to go through another show first half like last week this Friday.

So I'm rewriting, setting visual assets in place, recording them out to video clips and pulling them back in against cue points as well as looking at music and prompts for props and my partner. Flipping lot of stuff here. I'm starting to look at hit tunes from the different dates of ICE TIMES to be able to establish the dates in peoples minds - that were alive then. Just need an easy way to do it. Ice shows were much easier than this theatre experience....

Show scores on the doors for ticket sales:

Show 1 - 146 - Brighton
Show 2 - 77 - Welwyn
Show 3 - 200 and rising

So lost on show's 1 and 2 and no contribution to recoupment and Show 3 is much more promising. Hope word of mouth gets out and sales come up so we can keep the baby alive and have it grow. As i work on it i want ot include more music and visuals - I'm just concerned that they won't get rolled in at the right moment so I'm trying to work out how to make sure they are there - may link the videos to music - that would do it - perhaps...

And when i step back and think about it here I am sat looking over the sea with the balcony doors opening on a fine sunny day writing a show. Life can't be that bad and it will be great when one day I can be showing 3,000 sales or more on events - then we'll be really cooking....

And, as a break, I've just put the cot up for little one that my brother and sister in law have given us.... looks great - must by the little fella a hanging whotsit so he can gurgle at as it spins around above his head...

Have a great day


PS anybody know how i can get photos to upload my blogging account won't take them now! Pain...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sunny Saturday in our place looking over the sea. First beautiful day of the year. We live in an two floor apartment with a huge bay window looking over the sea and today, with blue sky overhead, it feels like winter is finally over. We've had some fierce storms and I need to nail back together tables and chairs that have been wrecked on our balcony.

Woman's Own interview yesterday with a friend of my sister in law - should come out in a couple of weeks, had a lovely lunch and talked for two and half hours. Like another show... Talk of autobiography to be written with Fiona helping (the journalist who interviewed me) I've written 150,000 words so far but they need to put in the right order and edited down and right now I'm not going to get around to it.

I had a men's baby shower last night with friends, it was great fun. I received coaching on poo management and various essentials every father should know and the guys recounted their favourite stories. Apparently for the first two weeks the poo of a baby is black and very very smelly. So I've told Christiane that she needs to be closer to the little one in those two weeks and she should do nappy changing! Not sure she's taking that on board yet?

I'm going to remake the majority of my show visuals for next Wednesday meeting I'll create a master cue sheets for all technical bods linked to visual cues - I'm learning how theatre productions work and need to be able to give everyone the same song sheet. But I need to do it my way so that visuals prompt my scripting and ad libbing - after all I present the show for two hours on stage so I need to know what's going on! Lot of work but will be worth it.

Talking about singing I'm in a band tomorrow at Brighton Vineyard singing backing vocals. And if I've time I'll go and practise with Brighton Welsh Male Men's voice chiri on Monday evening - always great to clear the head and get the pipes going.... and to be with the guys of course. I('ll be relaxed mid range in church and full on tenor in the choir... I love it.

Missed the judging discussion that is being shown on ITV every Saturday again. Finally got a revised fee offer but too late to fit in with the times cale - they recorded on Thursday and I was on stage. Learning lots about how communication breaks down in tv circles sometimes. All good to know so I can help things along next time. Would have been good tohave been with the other judges chatting about the show - another time perhaps.

Hope the sun shines on you where you are.

Now I need a haircut and have errands to run.

Love Nicky

Friday, February 8, 2008


My goodness the first half was the hardest presenting job of my life so far. I had a front of stage monitor so I could see the slides that were being put up and the video clips, they seemed to be all over the place and to do the story in sequence was incredibly difficult, I'm going to make the whole show myself and overide any other existing materials for next week. A big job but necessary for my sanity and the audiences understanding of just what is going on!

In light of the circumstances thrust upon me it went ok but goodness it was tough - like some kind of random - here's a picture speak test!

Second half was faster and tighter and standing ovation at the finish and a lot of laughter. Spoke to people leaving and they had enjoyed a good time. As it should be - but first half needs to have more impact.

Only the second time to do a show of this type on a theatre stage and 45 minute warm up on ice before performing! We did amazingly well to get the thing to work in this context and two big lifts at the end worked fine.

Horsham next Friday. By then I am determined to control the image content more strongly to make a better show. Funny if you didn't know you might have thought everything was alright - but not if you'd been monitoring my heart rate!

Richard (Crofts) an old school friend has offered to drive me to and from venues - a superb gift and his help today was brilliant - back home at 1.30am..

Louise did excellent and stayed calm which was great and i'm sure the learning experience will develop a better show - but i could do without this amount of stress in future.

The show apparently weighs 1.5 tons. A little more than the one man show and assistant I originally envisaged!

Roll on show 3 next Friday.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well I'm battling with Giles my Producer over wanting to change the look of the flyers and posters selling the show to accurately reflect the content - and get more people in. I made a new poster view last night. He wants the brand to stay constant - me, as a brand expert for some reason doesn't give a monkey's about that as long as it gets across what the show is... Interesting discussion. I'll post views up for your comments.

Redoing show picture content and adding music for tomorrow using Keynote and video and music editing software today on my Mac. We had production gliches in show one so I'm remaking content to the script. Wish my scanner worked as I can't get some images in that I want to. Maybe by the end of the day I'll have a breakthrough there. My head is spinning with what is the priority... Listening to great old music of Dougie Walker playing organ fro the 60's and want to get my compositions off the Oasys for the start of the show, plus a voice over to be done. I love show business.

So, busy and pre-occupied with making ICE TIMES better and with two holes in my shins from skating with Louise at press day on Monday - shin pads are in order I think for level four lifts by tomorrow. Oh yes and I need some boots with leather soles by then too for my sharpened Victorian skates.

And... Christiane's tummy is growing! Little one is kicking away merrily and loves my guitar playing - he obviously appreciates quality! Ha ha... No doubt I'll be playing to help him sleep once he arrives. 17 days to go to birth.... Oh my goodness....

Have a great day.




Ice Times (Theatre Royal, Brighton)
Cold outside it may have been, but ice dance star Nicky Slater warmed up a disappointingly small Brighton audience with an enjoyable evening of stories, reminiscences, and fancy footwork.
The Theatre Royal provided the start for the genial Brighton-based performer’s 2008 Ice Times tour and, accompanied on a special ice floor by charming Louise Walden, Nicky strolled through a history of ice skating, memories of skating from the family album (both parents taught ice skating and his mother Joan was awarded the MBE having taught a number of champions and having herself been British Ice Dance champion), his success as junior world champion, his memorable partnership with Karen Barber, which saw them become British champions in 1985, and up to the present day as a Dancing on Ice judge.
The show occasionally skated on thin ice, but only because it sometimes came across too much like an after dinner speech, and experience during the tour (which can be seen locally again at Horsham Capitol on February 15th and the Worthing Pavilion on July 18th) will undoubtedly iron out any problems.
With delightful twists, slides, and salchows Nicky revealed what he really thought about Torvill and Dean, how a winning routine is thought up, and just what lies behind the marks of judges in professional competitions.
It was light-hearted and engaging entertainment all the way and certainly deserves good turnouts for ice star Slater – freeze a jolly good fellow!
David Guest - West Sussex Gazette


Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Monday - DOI 4 and another show for me

Had great fun last night, my 4 year old nephew Harry came to the show with his mum Mo. His hands hurt because he had clapped so much. I think when Kristina picked him up and swooshed him around on the ice his fuses nearly blew! At his age mine would have done the same...

Aggy voted off and then she skated round with aplomb - where was that in the competition! Lovely lady, well done for the effort and courage.

Interview for Capital Radio in the break was a blast - q's about Holly all week? I didn't notice anything....

Show getting into a flow now - Chris super and improving each week - let's see how he can improve. Hope Chris (Dean) recovers soon. Jayne without Chris is - well just not right.

All the pro skaters do a superb job week on week, supporting and encouraging their celeb partners, I admire that they can remember the steps too! I hope I can remember mine this week!

Press day in Welwyn for me today for Ice Times - Bisi drove me down from Elstree and now I'm back up there on a train? Maybe I should have stayed up there but I do want to be back with christiane - birth imminent and .... well I want to be here for that.

Here's to a super week - show for me Thursday, God willing, and ticket sales permitting, life on the edge here.... Hope people come to the show... Sometimes just to keep going is the key.

Is odd for me that I have done 'One Offs' so many times in the past and this keeps coming now.

Gong to develop photo content tomorrow for show to get stronger order from last Wedenesday show. Lots to do. New suit, Fen Skates ground (thanks Ian), new boots.

Christiane suggests I should have asked skaters to come from DOI as they are based near Welwyn. Funny I'm still a bit embarassed about doing that. I'll just share with you then and see how things go. Think it's because it's the start of a new journey for me...

Once the spotlight's on though everything changes. Funny old world. But I'm blessed and it's exciting right now for me. Can't ask for more.

Have a great week in whatever you're doing - I don't know about you but I used to hate Monday's - right now I don't have time to.... much better.



Saturday, February 2, 2008

YOU TUBE - getting the word out

To get the word out about ICE TIMES I'm starting to get into the networking idea. You can help...

Go to


(1) post a comment and
(2) subscribe - costs you nothing and it's only me you'll ever hear from

Then we can start to pass the word along to your friends and they can do the same...

I'll be posting more videos there as I go... a great falling over moment coming soon!

Then every Ice Dancing fan in the world will know about this and come to ICE TIMES!

Rock N Roll...

Thanks a million -

I look forward to hearing from you.



Baby ICE TIMES needs oxygen

ICE TIMES excerpts up on site, so brilliant to see the results of the teams work. I am very excited in how the show was received and how it is growing as we critique and develop it.

But… ICE TIMES feels like a very young baby (the metaphor is appropriate as I prepare to be a daddy!). ICE TIMES feels to me like it is in an incubator and needs help to survive.

In this case the help to survive comes, not through oxygen, but through the support of ticket sales. Currently the baby looks very fragile in this area.

I need your help to keep it alive. Please pass on the link to - encourage your friends to do the same. Buy tickets, encourage you friends to do the same, we are working on low prices to make it accessible and we need support. I promise you superb value for money and loads of laughs, fun and ice dancing!

Any help you can give in helping us network the show would be great. All venues need help in ticket sales.

People are interested but they could not see what was in it before – now they can! And, to be honest, the show has grown far more than I envisaged when we first made the posters and flyers. So if they see the video they will come – I hope.

I think we have created something here that has value as a fascinating, informative entertainment product and I love to deliver it, I love to skate, I love the repartee and skating with Louise (who was brilliant), and I think it is a unique product in the World.

As you laugh, learn and see the sequins and the sparkle and enjoy the ice dancing my gut tells me this show reaches peoples hearts…

But only if they come along.

Pass this on – ICE TIMES is the show to see.

The baby needs oxygen – help it survive and grow…. Bless you.

And thank you



PS Who knows if we can keep it alive through the early days it might grow to reach a West End theatre one day?

Now that would be brilliant – rock n roll.