Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Day three of a little boys life. A new daddy who has actually had some sleep. 

A house full of flowers and love. 

Standing guard as baby and mum sleep; what could be better?

And Robin (Cousins) was not correct - he said 'I would never hear quiet again.' It sounds golden right now.... Thanks for the card by the way Robin.

Have a great day wherever you are.



jewell said...

Being as you are too busy/asleep to write a poem, here is one to start you off:

New baby, fresh and precious,
Seeing the world with new eyes.
Snuggly warm and safe
In your father's arms.
Will you be tiger-fierce
Or mild as a lamb?
Strong of grip, soft of skin,
Cocooned in love and joy.
New baby, small and precious,
Life is an awfully big adventure.

SBO Admin said...

What a lovely poem!