Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have 197 slides, 3 videos, 20 music pieces and a challenge of how to get all this information in an order whereby the team can work everything to accurate cues by Friday evening. I'm used to free form working when I present so this structuring is proving a stretch. But... well I think it's going to be great. I'm just having o do a load of wok 24/7 to try to get it sorted. It's the admin but of creativity and it takes me longer.

Article for Women's Own next week agreed, interesting angle on the women in my life, as you might expect. Think it will raise a chuckle or two - should be in next week if I can get photos scanned by then.

Horsham Friday for ICE TIMES - we have nearly 200 seats sold - yippee. Brilliant... just have to get everything ready by then.

Off to World Championships in Gothenberg for first time in years - will be fantastic to cover it and meet up with old friends again.

so busy... and knackered...

Good night.


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