Friday, December 11, 2009


Seems like deadlines come thick and fast at present. I had one on the front of my website... I had forgotten to check it and saw yesterday I had 1 hour left to complete a project! Ha.... Well the project in question is not completed. There are three main areas still to address then a raft of detail. However - the good news for me is that it is nearly done and will be something to build upon in the future and that 27 other areas have been addressed already.

Completed iSkate 3 article. Had double the words for one page so hopefully they can give me two pages.

Dancing On ice photo shoot was last Monday - I was ready for that. New suit, tailored with new shirt, shoes the works. Plus interview for later use. All good - excepting that someone snaffled my iphone - in a secure environment too. Very disappointing - have to sort that today.