Friday, April 23, 2010


Hectic days of travel, home to repack and get business sorted, and shows. Manchester leg of Dancing On Ice Tour, crowd wonderful in my home town. Booing huge for some of my marks, but not with nasty edge, at least that is how I imagine it!

Off for a skate today - first time on the ice for a while with Kyran in Altrincham this morning. He wants to learn some steps... Will be fun.

We will be going on the public session - lovely!



Monday, April 19, 2010


I am getting disorientated. Is it Monday? Is it afternoon or evening. After a few days here with two show days over the weekend this is probably normal. Anyway - sat on the bus online!!! :) Brilliant dongle usage.

Show was flipped which means some people get different numbers on the Tour in the first and second half. This changes the dynamic of the competition part of the show. My marks reflected that. Linda Lusardi was the guest judge and it was great to see her again.

Hayley won the bolero by three judges to two. Close but will encourage her. Ray was in the final with her.

Worked out before the show as usual - our carpenters Mark and Ray fitting me up with two metal boxes full of weights - great fun. Kyron (Bracken) having a night off - we'll be back running and lifting some weights tomorrow.

Love n

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sunday - O2 - day three... two show day.. show 13 half way through.

Yesterday - on the Dancing On Ice Tour - we did a DVD shoot of the show and I found it difficult to judge. Up to now the placings of the competitors has been clear for me and a range of 2.5 to 6 covers eight couples. But... for DVD day skaters do different routines and this means some do better, some less so.

Emily was better - her Bad Boys number should be her competition piece. Mikey did worse - his new number had limited content. Gaynor did better and looks to be fulfilling the hope I had in her from the start of the tour and then Gary was scratchy with hips back and free leg not extended. So I ended up grouping this lower segment. For the top skaters Ray was super with a Grease routine that was developed very quickly but, I did not give him a six because his split jump is not yet up and sure as it was last year. So, after being that tough, when Chris Fountain didn't do his routine 100% I gave him a 5.5 otherwise I would not have been consistent and fair on Ray. I tied them.... All the other judges gave 6.0's to Chris - so, whilst I am sure of what I did I can't help having pangs of being a meany... Which is not the intention....

Today then judging is a challenge - as it gets around show 13 - some improving - some not so much - position changes afoot perhaps.

It might only 'be a show' but being a judge is 'being a judge' for me. Being strong and true to convictions and resisting tieing everyone and being polite is not the game I'm playing.... Would be easier if I did that perhaps...


Friday, April 9, 2010


Must get a way to get pictures on blog...

On Tour with Dancing On ice. Backstage as second half proceeds. It's Day 2 - Show 2 of 39...

Chris Fountain and Brianne were a six last night, 5.5 tonight and still top for me. Mind you I got booed royally for not putting Hayley and Dan first. Some of my colleagues gave her a six - but, whilst it was a six in the studio - unless more speed can be squeezed out of the choreography and the small amount of skating can be expanded this routine won't fill the arena on bigger ice and.... in the context of skating against Ray and Chris.... will be a poor relation for me. No matter how loud the music is played!

It's a bit of a quandary, as I am not to judge the choreography, and the choreography does not include much skating for Hayley. But then - if this was an easy job anyone would do it!

Mikey skating, smile lighting up the arena. We are talking about music - how rich to be speaking with someone of his experience and I was playing Mark's guitar (on our video crew) before the show - Fender Stratocaster - he's looking at what electric I should buy. All this from the party last night which was fun and at which I did boogy!!!!

Lovely days - even with the booing!

Love N

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I write a lot. Maybe one lyric or rhyme every day .

One day I may be a poet - but I need to learn a lot more before such accolade could be given. Anyway I love to write and I've learnt lyric structuring over the years and continue to develop here...

There is the dilemma of sharing? Will it be nicked? Is it wise.? Will people think it's rubbish? Well for today here's a lyric I was inspired to write after seeing the movie Patch Adams again last night. If you think it's sentiments are mad look up Bill Gates or Chuck Feeney as people who took the stand of giving it all away.

And it's Easter and I reflect on those times. Freedom bought for us all. Wow...

God Bless you this Easter - enjoy Red Nose - can't think of a snappier title and Patch Adams wears red noses to cheer up the children who have cancer... Perhaps it's apt.

Love N

Now must get packed for tour and complete accounts, get hair cut, pay insurance etc...

Want to see who Patch Adams is?


V1: Again I watch the movie

Man with a red nose

Courage and crazy laughter

Everywhere he goes

Daring to be different

Passionate and strong

Challenging the way things are

And have been for so long

Ch1: Tears reflect my inner fears

See his wondrous freedom fly

My spirit shouts out make a stand

Before your life’s gone by

V2: So many times I’ve been afraid

Or so tied up in me

Fighting for myself

Forgetting others in need

How would it be if l gave more

Than I thought was wise

If my passion for life and giving

Surpassed my pay cheque size

Ch2: Maybe my eyes would fill with tears

Feeling passion with freedom fly

Maybe I’d have made a difference

Before my life’s gone by

Br: I can look outside

From what might be, of having it tough

To give more than is comfortable

To those that ‘really’ have it rough

To give the widow’s mite

To give deep from the soul

To give all I have away

Before I get too old - then..

Ch3 Maybe my eyes would fill with tears

Feeling passion with freedom fly

Knowing I’d made a difference

Before my life’s gone by

© Copyright N M Slater

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Friday, 2 April 2010

Inspired by Patch Adams movie