Friday, April 9, 2010


Must get a way to get pictures on blog...

On Tour with Dancing On ice. Backstage as second half proceeds. It's Day 2 - Show 2 of 39...

Chris Fountain and Brianne were a six last night, 5.5 tonight and still top for me. Mind you I got booed royally for not putting Hayley and Dan first. Some of my colleagues gave her a six - but, whilst it was a six in the studio - unless more speed can be squeezed out of the choreography and the small amount of skating can be expanded this routine won't fill the arena on bigger ice and.... in the context of skating against Ray and Chris.... will be a poor relation for me. No matter how loud the music is played!

It's a bit of a quandary, as I am not to judge the choreography, and the choreography does not include much skating for Hayley. But then - if this was an easy job anyone would do it!

Mikey skating, smile lighting up the arena. We are talking about music - how rich to be speaking with someone of his experience and I was playing Mark's guitar (on our video crew) before the show - Fender Stratocaster - he's looking at what electric I should buy. All this from the party last night which was fun and at which I did boogy!!!!

Lovely days - even with the booing!

Love N


David (Meikle) said...

Keep at it Nicky! Enjoy the boos! Hope you and the family continue to enjoy the 'tour' experience!

Laurziee said...

Hope you manage to get photos up.

Was gutted not to have been able to speak to you on Saturday night at the gates. You didnt come up far enough. I wanted to get you to sign my copy of 'Spice On Ice' that Karen signed at Ice Party. Was happy I got to meet Karen again though <3

Chris and Brianne are amazing. He's always been my fave celeb skater but wow this year is even better than before. Hayley and Dan are amazing too and Jai Ho is brilliant.

Kyran said he's trying to get you skating in Ice Party. PLEASEEE do it. That would just be amazing x