Monday, October 12, 2009

On a Glacier

First go at creating a film from my studio... Rough around the edges but still a bit of fun methinks...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Fit

It's coming on winter here and I have decided to get fit. Now, like you perhaps, I have decided to do this before joined a gym and gone along to a couple of classes. Or I've been to some classes and that worked. But recently - the last few tears I haven't done much. But I was inspired by Andy's Peter's and Collin's and to get in the gym on the Dancing On Ice Tour this year.

So now Christiane has found me a gym where I've signed up to do every class I can. I'm doing one to one and a half hours six days a week! Boxercise was today - I was soaked through by the end of it. Christiane always says get a shower before I can have a hug when I come back from a workout.

It's been four weeks and I touched the floor with legs straight this morning for the first time in years - hamstrings lengthening.

So kettle bells and bags full of weights along with Hours of Power and cycling I'm doing it all. Going on a cruise in the med in a couple of weeks so need to look in better shape anyway.

This working out thing is good for the head too... everyone should do it. But not in an isolated pocket in a gym - gyms should be more class and interactive based - works for me.

Love N