Monday, November 10, 2008


To build a tall building I've seen you need strong foundations. Currently I am building towards a vision for a new company. To build it well I see, and Christiane helps me see, that I need strong foundations in place. It takes time..... and sometimes I find that frustrating, I want to move faster but other times I feel this is definitely the right way.

Creating a studio, looking at what's the output, who's it for? What will be the benefit and who will be the customer? Over the years I've done lots of coaching and learnt lots about business but never really done it! Now, a detailed business plan, a production factory set up is being established and I'm learning loads.

As I share with people I think they may think I am a little crazy, perhaps I am.... but I am also quietly excited about having a space to create some magic .. when will it surface... next year now. 

My son Tiger swam with me for the first time the other day, I'm blessed with having great times with my family. I know many dad's don't have that much time with their children as they grow up, currently I get to see lots of my little boy as he grows daily, brilliant - if exhausting - at times!

So wherever you are on your life's journey I wish you well. I am privileged to be enjoying the journey and I hope you are too. It's an amazing time for us.

I'm doing commentary on Eurosport every weekend this month too. Great fun being alongside Chris and Simon. I tried to do a pancake live on air two days ago! You had to be there to get it. Hope you can tune it to join us.