Saturday, April 3, 2010


I write a lot. Maybe one lyric or rhyme every day .

One day I may be a poet - but I need to learn a lot more before such accolade could be given. Anyway I love to write and I've learnt lyric structuring over the years and continue to develop here...

There is the dilemma of sharing? Will it be nicked? Is it wise.? Will people think it's rubbish? Well for today here's a lyric I was inspired to write after seeing the movie Patch Adams again last night. If you think it's sentiments are mad look up Bill Gates or Chuck Feeney as people who took the stand of giving it all away.

And it's Easter and I reflect on those times. Freedom bought for us all. Wow...

God Bless you this Easter - enjoy Red Nose - can't think of a snappier title and Patch Adams wears red noses to cheer up the children who have cancer... Perhaps it's apt.

Love N

Now must get packed for tour and complete accounts, get hair cut, pay insurance etc...

Want to see who Patch Adams is?


V1: Again I watch the movie

Man with a red nose

Courage and crazy laughter

Everywhere he goes

Daring to be different

Passionate and strong

Challenging the way things are

And have been for so long

Ch1: Tears reflect my inner fears

See his wondrous freedom fly

My spirit shouts out make a stand

Before your life’s gone by

V2: So many times I’ve been afraid

Or so tied up in me

Fighting for myself

Forgetting others in need

How would it be if l gave more

Than I thought was wise

If my passion for life and giving

Surpassed my pay cheque size

Ch2: Maybe my eyes would fill with tears

Feeling passion with freedom fly

Maybe I’d have made a difference

Before my life’s gone by

Br: I can look outside

From what might be, of having it tough

To give more than is comfortable

To those that ‘really’ have it rough

To give the widow’s mite

To give deep from the soul

To give all I have away

Before I get too old - then..

Ch3 Maybe my eyes would fill with tears

Feeling passion with freedom fly

Knowing I’d made a difference

Before my life’s gone by

© Copyright N M Slater

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Friday, 2 April 2010

Inspired by Patch Adams movie


millie said...

love the lyrics :)
quite ironic, i was watching Patch Adams on Thursday - its an amazing film, really inspiring.
hope you can share some more with us soon, love the writing. good luck with the tour :) x

Brina said...

Great lyrics Nicky, thanks for sharing them :) I too love writing poetry and song lyrics - it's a wonderful way to try and put emotions into some form of comprehendable state.

atletka07 said...

Hey Nicky, great lyrics:-) Loved it so much....full of emotions indeed!
Good luck with the DOI stuff ;)