Wednesday, March 31, 2010


"I can't buy high shoes if I can't walk in them - it's a dilemma.." so says my wife as she asks what I think of her new shoes... "Well they look ... comfortable" is my response!

Oh my and you know you are digging a hole right there. The truth or... "They look lovely darling..." Truth is - high heels work for me.. and she has fantastic pins - but she doesn't like wearing high heels as they are uncomfortable. Something about running around barefoot in Fiji when she was growing up!!!

What's a man to do? I think we need to go shoe shopping together - sounds like I'm getting in touch with my feminine side - Oh my... Maybe I need to give her Emma's number so she can get some 7" heels :)

There was a one page interview with me in the Financial Times last weekend. I asked if I could have the pdf for my website. Felt quite posh to be in the FT. Have to pay is the policy of the FT. Anyway possibility of FOC for the words but will cost hundreds to re format without the picture. So seeing if I can get the picture cleared. The world of rights and copyright I live in... fun huh?



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