Sunday, March 21, 2010


Website updated and starting to look into Facebook.

I could be on it for days and never stop talking.... and have no life... and miss Dancing On Ice Semi Final today - because I'm on Facebook....

Great to be starting to see peoples picture, and their sites, and try to work out how it all works and then there's Twitter.

On Friday a friend was showing me Twitter - and how to see what's going on online.

It was 10.30 in my local coffee shop - a post had been put up at 10.20 "At a business meeting in coffee shop, Nicky Slater, Dancing On ice Judge sat on next table!".... and he had gone... spooky....

I picked an Evening Standard up off the tube last week and on the back page it said 'Fabio Capello appoints - Nicky Slater of Dancing On ice - new talent to defence - Nicky Slater being in black pen - it took me a moment to see someone had written on the paper and shown this to a friend - and I had picked up their left paper.

The world is becoming rather strange!

Off to the semi final.

It will be exciting and challenging to judge no doubt.



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