Friday, March 12, 2010


Car crash, keys lost, locked indoors, red carpet, Grosvenor Great Room celeb fest, Pause for Thought - yes really - 3 minutes to time, hotel from hell with three room changes ending up in a suite you could play cricket in and still the taps didn't deliver hot water at more than a trickle. Two year old turning into a terrorist with incredible negotiation skills "I'm frustrated daddy" at two! iSkate column, papers following storied - no comment... Walking across a street thinking it was one way - it wasn't - and surviving, This Morning fun, a new song saying 'I Love You' on Logic and a home personal workout coach - not what you you may think... lunch with an old schoolfriend who has Archbishops call him on a regular basis - they should pay for his advice. Still not meeting for lunch with my brother as he jets off as I get to his city base. Locks renewed, car being sorted, a glass of red wine and it's Friday... a busy week then... Roll on a quiet relaxing weekend of Dancing On Ice.

Love n

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Laurziee said...

Loved the This Morning interview. You and Karen were brilliant and so funny =) You should tweet more often. And follow a few people. I'm sure Phillip would give you tips x