Monday, March 29, 2010


Drama, as ever, at Dancing on ice FINAL....

Three contestants - Hayley and Dan, Gary and Maria, Kieron and Brianne. Three routines...

FLYING - Gary managed to look lighter and graceful and had more content than Kieron - who did what he was given with arms that were stronger. Flying favours the girls and Hayley's presentation with Dan as the base worked brilliantly. I had a Hayley, Gary, Kieron placing.

FAVOURITE ROUTINES - Hayley with Bollywood superb, Kieron with Punk great energy but a trip, Gary managed to communicate and express his routine relating to Maria and skated well with lots of ice coverage. I had a Hayley 6.0, Gary, Kieron placing.

BOLERO - Hayley and Dan skated first. Presentation super as expected but hardly any skating from Hayley and slow over the ice, a door had been left open. Robin didn't mention this in his comments - the rest of us were given no time to comment! Gary skated out and covered 'miles' more ground with very good presentation and a flowing routine. Gary's was undoubtedly the best Bolero for me on the night.

RESULT - I sat watching and thought.... Hayley should have won because of her contribution to the entire series, Gary should have won because his Bolero was better - and that would have been what we, as judges, would have been expected to judge irrespective of what had gone before. So I sat in the space of each of our two final contestants could rightly lay claim to the title.

PUBLIC VOTE - Hayley won.... and, on Bollywood alone, she and Dan deserved it. Congratulations to them and to Gary as well - he and Maria did a great job.

CHRIS AND JAYNE - Awesome! Learning and performing a flying routine with ribbons that had danger, finesse and power for the final. I have heard it said as a show business mantra - start brilliantly, finish brilliantly and/or leave the best to last... This was their best performance of the series and a reminder that - an Olympic mentality says - Be The Best, keep pushing and improving. Golly they were great and the backing band wasn't ad either.

TUXEDO - It was the final, we should all have had Dinner Jackets on - the ladies had long gorgeous dresses - what happened to the guys? Well I wore mine because it was the final... Normally that's the form. Perhaps some of the other chaps got the tuxedo out of their system on movie week?

MY AWARD - I got an award from The Friday show for nearly causing the show to crash it's ending because I wouldn't shut up... Just one more thing. I'm quite proud of it in an anarchic type of way... I wasn't trying to crash the break - I just had more to add.....

PICTURES - pictures to come... wrap party was fun but a mix of 1 Guinness, 1 red wine and a tequila shot with Pavel along with bed at 3.30am have left me with a thick head so I'll take a break and do pictures later.




Anonymous said...

If I may ask you a question Nick. Hayley Tamaddon actually almost lost her balance in the spin in her second Jai Ho perfomance. You could see one of her legs very clearly totally losing the balane and her almost falling to one side. Also she lacked grace as in her first performance. But not a mention on her losing her balance in the spin. I thought I'd check with you what you thought on that spin (the final spin)

Anonymous said...

Thanks in advance.


Laurziee said...

Great update as always. Love to read your views.

I voted for Hayley all series but agree her Bolero had too many lifts but I still loved it. It had the passion that Gary's lacked.

Just wanted to say loved your comments after the flying re Dan. Its lovely to hear the pros getting praise now and then. Dan is my fave as well =)

Looking forward to seeing pics

See you on tour in Sheffield. Cant wait. You and Karen are my fave judges x

Anonymous said...

It must have been inappropriate to post the question I suppose.

Anyway best wishes, Nicky.