Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sunday - O2 - day three... two show day.. show 13 half way through.

Yesterday - on the Dancing On Ice Tour - we did a DVD shoot of the show and I found it difficult to judge. Up to now the placings of the competitors has been clear for me and a range of 2.5 to 6 covers eight couples. But... for DVD day skaters do different routines and this means some do better, some less so.

Emily was better - her Bad Boys number should be her competition piece. Mikey did worse - his new number had limited content. Gaynor did better and looks to be fulfilling the hope I had in her from the start of the tour and then Gary was scratchy with hips back and free leg not extended. So I ended up grouping this lower segment. For the top skaters Ray was super with a Grease routine that was developed very quickly but, I did not give him a six because his split jump is not yet up and sure as it was last year. So, after being that tough, when Chris Fountain didn't do his routine 100% I gave him a 5.5 otherwise I would not have been consistent and fair on Ray. I tied them.... All the other judges gave 6.0's to Chris - so, whilst I am sure of what I did I can't help having pangs of being a meany... Which is not the intention....

Today then judging is a challenge - as it gets around show 13 - some improving - some not so much - position changes afoot perhaps.

It might only 'be a show' but being a judge is 'being a judge' for me. Being strong and true to convictions and resisting tieing everyone and being polite is not the game I'm playing.... Would be easier if I did that perhaps...


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