Friday, February 22, 2008


Sat with Andrew and Kate on GMTV sofa this morning, driver took me up and down from Brighton to London. For some reason Kate didn't think I should be sure about baby arriving tomorrow morning? Had a good chat about Dancing on Ice and Ice Times and baby.

Left at 5.45am back 11. Worked in the car - felt like one of those exec type people being chaufered around.

On Alan Titchmarsh this afternoon at 4.45pm. Which will be great fun.

In Daily Mirror tomorrow with Karen (my former skating partner and co-judge on DOI).

As long as they include weblinks that will be fine. Takes loads of time but great to be meeting people in the business.

Baby is due tomorrow... Oh my. Managing stress levels and the unknown...

Have a great day



Switchfootlauren said...


i just wanted to send my Best Wishes to you and your wife for the birth of your baby tomorrow!!!!!!!

Your in my thoughts and prayers!!

Oh i also wondered, are you Christian? ive seen you mention church in a few posts. I am =]

im also moderator at Kristina Lenko's official site, so HIIIII =]

Cya around!!

Lauren Conroy =]

Stephanie said...

Best wishes for your family on the birth of the baby! Looks like you should be resting though, you won't get much when it's born! :)

switchfootlauren said...

I wonder if Baby Slater arrived!!! Oh how exciting hehe!!! =]

DOI babies all around, Stefan Booth has a new daughter =]

jewell said...

We'll find out tomorrow on DOI !!

bolero25 said...

ooh good luck with the baby Nicky - if it's arrived yet! i'm sure you'll find a pair of ice skates in the local mothercare that'll be small enough!! heehee! Good Luck x