Friday, February 8, 2008


My goodness the first half was the hardest presenting job of my life so far. I had a front of stage monitor so I could see the slides that were being put up and the video clips, they seemed to be all over the place and to do the story in sequence was incredibly difficult, I'm going to make the whole show myself and overide any other existing materials for next week. A big job but necessary for my sanity and the audiences understanding of just what is going on!

In light of the circumstances thrust upon me it went ok but goodness it was tough - like some kind of random - here's a picture speak test!

Second half was faster and tighter and standing ovation at the finish and a lot of laughter. Spoke to people leaving and they had enjoyed a good time. As it should be - but first half needs to have more impact.

Only the second time to do a show of this type on a theatre stage and 45 minute warm up on ice before performing! We did amazingly well to get the thing to work in this context and two big lifts at the end worked fine.

Horsham next Friday. By then I am determined to control the image content more strongly to make a better show. Funny if you didn't know you might have thought everything was alright - but not if you'd been monitoring my heart rate!

Richard (Crofts) an old school friend has offered to drive me to and from venues - a superb gift and his help today was brilliant - back home at 1.30am..

Louise did excellent and stayed calm which was great and i'm sure the learning experience will develop a better show - but i could do without this amount of stress in future.

The show apparently weighs 1.5 tons. A little more than the one man show and assistant I originally envisaged!

Roll on show 3 next Friday.



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