Saturday, February 9, 2008


Sunny Saturday in our place looking over the sea. First beautiful day of the year. We live in an two floor apartment with a huge bay window looking over the sea and today, with blue sky overhead, it feels like winter is finally over. We've had some fierce storms and I need to nail back together tables and chairs that have been wrecked on our balcony.

Woman's Own interview yesterday with a friend of my sister in law - should come out in a couple of weeks, had a lovely lunch and talked for two and half hours. Like another show... Talk of autobiography to be written with Fiona helping (the journalist who interviewed me) I've written 150,000 words so far but they need to put in the right order and edited down and right now I'm not going to get around to it.

I had a men's baby shower last night with friends, it was great fun. I received coaching on poo management and various essentials every father should know and the guys recounted their favourite stories. Apparently for the first two weeks the poo of a baby is black and very very smelly. So I've told Christiane that she needs to be closer to the little one in those two weeks and she should do nappy changing! Not sure she's taking that on board yet?

I'm going to remake the majority of my show visuals for next Wednesday meeting I'll create a master cue sheets for all technical bods linked to visual cues - I'm learning how theatre productions work and need to be able to give everyone the same song sheet. But I need to do it my way so that visuals prompt my scripting and ad libbing - after all I present the show for two hours on stage so I need to know what's going on! Lot of work but will be worth it.

Talking about singing I'm in a band tomorrow at Brighton Vineyard singing backing vocals. And if I've time I'll go and practise with Brighton Welsh Male Men's voice chiri on Monday evening - always great to clear the head and get the pipes going.... and to be with the guys of course. I('ll be relaxed mid range in church and full on tenor in the choir... I love it.

Missed the judging discussion that is being shown on ITV every Saturday again. Finally got a revised fee offer but too late to fit in with the times cale - they recorded on Thursday and I was on stage. Learning lots about how communication breaks down in tv circles sometimes. All good to know so I can help things along next time. Would have been good tohave been with the other judges chatting about the show - another time perhaps.

Hope the sun shines on you where you are.

Now I need a haircut and have errands to run.

Love Nicky

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I didn't realise you did all this! I found you post really funny Thanks!