Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby coming!

Good morning - it's 6.01 and Christiane is having contractions every four minutes - last one, one minute ago was 1 minute 15 seconds. Little one - working title 'Tiger' Slater is on the move.

Hospital is short staffed, (have I heard that before?) so home delivery may be in jeopody as only two midwives covering Sussex Hospital and our area. But newly qualified (midwife) Polly, our friend from church, is on her way from London so we'll see what she says when she gets here.

Amazing to be in the process of birth! Well not me actually I'm just the morale support.... Better put computer away another contraction coming...



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jewell said...

8.10 am
Ooo, exciting! Hope it is all going well, and doesnt take too long!
(Will you make it to Elstree on time??)
Come on, Christiane - push!