Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well I'm battling with Giles my Producer over wanting to change the look of the flyers and posters selling the show to accurately reflect the content - and get more people in. I made a new poster view last night. He wants the brand to stay constant - me, as a brand expert for some reason doesn't give a monkey's about that as long as it gets across what the show is... Interesting discussion. I'll post views up for your comments.

Redoing show picture content and adding music for tomorrow using Keynote and video and music editing software today on my Mac. We had production gliches in show one so I'm remaking content to the script. Wish my scanner worked as I can't get some images in that I want to. Maybe by the end of the day I'll have a breakthrough there. My head is spinning with what is the priority... Listening to great old music of Dougie Walker playing organ fro the 60's and want to get my compositions off the Oasys for the start of the show, plus a voice over to be done. I love show business.

So, busy and pre-occupied with making ICE TIMES better and with two holes in my shins from skating with Louise at press day on Monday - shin pads are in order I think for level four lifts by tomorrow. Oh yes and I need some boots with leather soles by then too for my sharpened Victorian skates.

And... Christiane's tummy is growing! Little one is kicking away merrily and loves my guitar playing - he obviously appreciates quality! Ha ha... No doubt I'll be playing to help him sleep once he arrives. 17 days to go to birth.... Oh my goodness....

Have a great day.



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