Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OXYTOCIN - the love drug

Oxytocin is very important to child birth I was told last night. It is (now I think I remember this correctly) the drug created when making love! So there you have it. Apparently when you feel secure, warm and loved up Oxytocin is having a field day. Watch out though if you get frightened adrenalin will turn it off. So when the lady feels secure and warm and loved she finds oxytocin is produced and, hey presto, this helps the baby to get its skates on (not literally) and get into action... Informative this is - or perhaps - too much information!

Polly, our midwife friend was explaining all this last night as we looked at what having a baby entails. God is clever in how he made us - it's incredible - but I do sometimes think it's a little bit of too much information for the guy and I'd like the traditional birth of turning up when it's over.... only partly kidding. I think I'll be fine though, I'm planning to take everything, pan... something or other (that has you flying around the airport), gas and air, Guinness and anything else on offer. I think that should see me through.

Compared to show production baby production is a whole other level and there's 11 days to go. My job, because the man needs a job apparently, is the externals, the lighting, the ambience, the seeing my lovely Christiane is as comfortable as possible. This support could be over days! What happens if I get distracted? What happens if Manchester United are playing as they need my support right now. No doubt a gentle and subtle reminder from Christiane will bring my focus back...

I'm laying out the show ICE TIMES in Omnigraffle, enabling an overall view of it with different music and cues. It is becoming richer and I know it more, just have to be sure the guys working on it can follow what is required. Adding music clips to bring to mind specific dates along the Ice Times timeline - every cue adds another potential error point so nailing the detail is going to be key or my stress level will explode again...

Brighton is beautiful, sea is calm and it feels like the start of summer.

Enjoy your day.



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