Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Monday - DOI 4 and another show for me

Had great fun last night, my 4 year old nephew Harry came to the show with his mum Mo. His hands hurt because he had clapped so much. I think when Kristina picked him up and swooshed him around on the ice his fuses nearly blew! At his age mine would have done the same...

Aggy voted off and then she skated round with aplomb - where was that in the competition! Lovely lady, well done for the effort and courage.

Interview for Capital Radio in the break was a blast - q's about Holly all week? I didn't notice anything....

Show getting into a flow now - Chris super and improving each week - let's see how he can improve. Hope Chris (Dean) recovers soon. Jayne without Chris is - well just not right.

All the pro skaters do a superb job week on week, supporting and encouraging their celeb partners, I admire that they can remember the steps too! I hope I can remember mine this week!

Press day in Welwyn for me today for Ice Times - Bisi drove me down from Elstree and now I'm back up there on a train? Maybe I should have stayed up there but I do want to be back with christiane - birth imminent and .... well I want to be here for that.

Here's to a super week - show for me Thursday, God willing, and ticket sales permitting, life on the edge here.... Hope people come to the show... Sometimes just to keep going is the key.

Is odd for me that I have done 'One Offs' so many times in the past and this keeps coming now.

Gong to develop photo content tomorrow for show to get stronger order from last Wedenesday show. Lots to do. New suit, Fen Skates ground (thanks Ian), new boots.

Christiane suggests I should have asked skaters to come from DOI as they are based near Welwyn. Funny I'm still a bit embarassed about doing that. I'll just share with you then and see how things go. Think it's because it's the start of a new journey for me...

Once the spotlight's on though everything changes. Funny old world. But I'm blessed and it's exciting right now for me. Can't ask for more.

Have a great week in whatever you're doing - I don't know about you but I used to hate Monday's - right now I don't have time to.... much better.



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