Monday, February 18, 2008


What a quiet show last night!... I am kidding of course. Since the seating arrangement has been changed I found myself in a pincer movement between Karen and Jason. You may say I brought it on myself but things certainly got lively for a few moments on the judging panel. I even got earache from my driver Bisi on the way home... what's a man to do? Plus a 'Nasty Nick' note (with a loving welcome back inside) sat on the oven hob from Christiane when I returned home.

It's week six and the competition is starting to be just that, a competition, it makes for a different dynamic.

But.... I am more pre-occupied with our baby which is due next Saturday!

I've told our show producer Maria at Dancing on Ice to have a stand in if I'm needed at the birth. So if you think you could judge better than me why not let ITV know you're available to be my stand in next week if I need one!

See ITV Website for all the lowdown. Here's the link.... You'll need to cut and paste it.




Laurziee said...

Hi Nicky

For what its worth I agreed with your comments on Susanne 100% last night. As much as I love Karen she was wrong.

Good Luck with the baby

Stephanie said...

I think that you were completely right in what you were saying as well and half the time I don't understand why the audience are booing, it would drive me mad!

Hope all will be well with your new baby!