Saturday, February 16, 2008


It's 1.07 am we've just got home. What a day.

I worked with Ben and Jamie on the show from 11 to 3.30 we then had ages getting all lights and ice in and it was 7.30 when ice was down and it needed cleaning and spraying before the show so hardly any rehearsal.

Then my laptop fell over repeatedly and all the assets I'd worked on and the guys had set up could not be seen on our projector! Show start was for 8 pm and we held people back until 8.30 and had to choose how to proceed. So, after the most intense week of prep on visuals and another days work of the team plus printed out cue sheets we decided to go ahead with NO VISUALS! Ha... I was amazed at how calm I was.... it's good training for something.....

The show was great fun. I ache from the amount of skating I did, my throat was dry from he amount of talking I did, the new music cues worked a treat and we had our third standing ovation. Wow...

Louise was lovely but is beating herself up because she didn't feel on top form. She was skating early morning on real ice and drove all the way down plus had 15 minutes rehearsal... not the ideal for her. But she's great to work with and she had so many curve balls thrown at her tonight her head should have been spinning.

It's a funny thing but for me the lack of visuals behind me meant I had to present out and forward, so I added loads more skating moments. The result was a buzz at half time and a fun ending.

What a privilege to be able to be on stage and performing in this way. I have to pinch myself sometimes.

Oh yes and one of the audience pinched Millbrook and he was sat watching on her knee -it was funny (Milbroook is our mascot). They waited for an hour at the stage door to see me afterwards in the freezing cold - after returning Millbrook.

Richard drove us there and back and helped lay the ice and was my props man tonight, he's a star - he also keeps me fed during the day.

I was cleaning the ice at 8.15 singing about the joys of showbusiness. It's the glamour darling.

A Pimms and the sleep. What an amazing day. Lie in tomorrow / today.

Next production = baby next week after Dancing on ice of course.




jewell said...

Well done for surviving last night's show! I was the one helping to mop the 'ice'. All the best to you and Christiane with baby.
See you on the tour (Sheffield, 5th April, matinee)!
PS What has happened to your motivational speaking/writing work?

Emma said...

Yeah sorry about stealing Millbrook, just a little compulsion I had.

Really great show, you did really well considering modern technology failed you, looking forward to seeing you in July at Worthing and I promise to keep my hands off the penguin.

peter said...

Peter & Janet
We enjoyed your show last night especially as we met each other at the SS Brighton in the 'good old days' Just as you said, a great place to meet a partner as Peter had to engineer the situation to bump into Janet!
The show was really brilliant and in spite of the difficulties, you both gave the audience a memorable evening (loved the frocks too). We both want to go to either Croydon or Worthing to see the show again and send our best wishes for the happy event.
Thanks, J & P

jewell said...

...Worthing...must remember to go to Worthing...see the show complete WITH pictures!

I just remembered the audience comment from Horsham about putting Jason in skates on the final show - he DOES skate (very BADLY!) on the Tour DVD. Worth buying it to see that - plus I am on it (in the audience)!

Kat12 said...

Had a wonderful evening at Horsham on Friday...despite the technical hitch!

My Mum has been an ice skating fan since she was a child and I was brought up with Robin Cousins, your good self and Torvill and Dean as the back-dop to my childhood. We've learned so much more about skating in a warm friendly atmosphere - thank you.

Sat behind Millbrook's captors there was a back to school audience spirit...having a chuckle and being slighty naughty.

Well done to you and Louise for the improv - it worked really well, a more personal experience all round.

Good luck with bambino/a!!