Friday, February 15, 2008


08.07 GMT. Time... I seem to be using every waking minute on preparing for tonights show.

1.07am I went to bed after working flat out this week to create the show assets for tonight's performance. At issue is the leadership and co-ordination of the team working on the show, Louise, Ben, Jamie, Stage manager, Richard and for myself to remember the script with cues over the two hour show,

I'm learning to write a show. In fact, I AM writing a show in a format that will work for techies and artists, wow, I love it.

So far - 36 scenes, 25 music cues, over 100 images, lighting cues, costume changes and 10 skating routine areas all knitted together to create theatrical magic and brilliant entertainment.

Right now I'm concerned about the software wobbling and falling over during the presentation so creating separate video files of ever major transition may be necessary! But don't know if there is enough time..... a challenge.

The show has grown to embed music and dates as we travel over time, I excited about it's potential to entertain and inspire and i sense a growing of the baby if we can keep selling tickets and people support us.

We got 'FANTASTIC' stills through from last week's show. the best show pictures i've ever seen of my skating and the set, Louise and Millbrook look wonderful. It looks like the set of Chicago at some points and the ice show it is at others - these will be up shortly. Brilliant assets to represent what we are doing.

So, how to create the slide cues for tonight and video? shower to think and then into it. Meeting at 11 am to go through everything. I need more time....


Christiane has last day at work today - 8 days before baby due.... We are getting a delivery of logs next Thursday so he has been told to wait until saturday due date so I have time to make environment lovely. Actually asked for first rumblings at 8.30 am and pop out at 12.30 so I'll be able to go and watch the football in the afternoon. We shall see if he's been listening. Christiane thinks I might not be interested in the football if he comes out then. I think she may be right...


Hurrah I'm going for Eurosport to Gothenburg. Brilliant. Will be gerat to see old friends - I haven't been to World's for so many years. Fantastic...

Have a great day and say a prayer for my technical stuff please and all the show bits and bobs.... if it works it will be a miracle of teamwork, intuition, preparation and luck! `And my small idea of a one man show! Hardly, this is turning into an epic - Rock N Roll.....



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