Friday, May 16, 2008

The end of Dancing On Ice Tour - Ice Times beckons

Dancing On Ice perk - sitting next to Peter Kay who was our guest judge in Manchester one evening. He created wonderful comedic chaos and I loved every minute of it. 

DOI Tour finishes tomorrow - 51 shows I think we've had, now that is some tour. It's been great but enough now, time to have a little space at home.

Two ICE TIMES shows next week and loads to do. New boots - they were white and I've dyed them! But they won't dry properly. New partner Louise Owen - skating together Monday. New Production Manager, new way of running show with my controlling visuals and probably sound too. So it's going to be a busy week.

Can't wait to get into the show again and looking forward to it  as well as being daunted by so much to do and leaning stuff with Louise - we'll make it fun though.

Written some lovely chords on my guitar this week - it's still got altered tuning and is providing a rich source of new music.

Tiger is doing brilliantly and starting to do long conversations that almost finish with 'Hello' or maybe he's just gurgling?




bolero25 said...

well done for the tour nicky - i enjoyed seeing it five times! i was there at the manchester show that peter kay was at - he started off funny but i thought he was trying to steal the show a bit. his replecation of kyran's worm though was pretty funny!

was looking forward to ice times tonight in fife but guess i'll just have to hold of until the 26th july now!

have fun doing your shows next week and enjoy the last night of the tour tonight!


jewell said...

All the best with the final show, and have a great Party!
May come and see you in Worthing.

Rosie said...

Please pass on my thanks to everyone for such a wonderful Tour this year (we only managed to come just the four times!). And thank you also for taking the time to come out after the show and sign a few autographs - my daughter and her friend were overjoyed.

Please make sure you are back next year, the show wouldn't be the same without you.

Oh, and a wee suggestion .... could someone next year please buy Dan some flesh coloured underwear to wear under his white trousers!!

Lauren said...

Well done on a successful DOI tour, i was there opening and closing night and WOW was there a HUGE difference!!!

I so wish i could see Ice Times, come closer to Bradford/Leeds!!!!!!!!

:D God Bless You

miss emma said...

I can't believe DOI is over for another year! (and my exams have started again!)

however... the one thing that will be getting me through my 3 hour english exam on wednesday is knowing that me and my friend lauren will be sitting in the audience of ice times on thursday night! we are so excited and cant wait!

have a good week and God bless! emma x