Saturday, May 24, 2008


ICE TIMES last Thursday! Goodness me. This show is having it's technical problems but Thursday was the biggest and most challenging so far. From 4 pm to 7.45 start and then beyond up to ten people trying to get the computer to link up to the projector and the sound to work. Sound link to computer broken, visuals work... and sound fails.

So - what do you do? Carry on... It was quite a night. I think being alongside Peter Kay must have provided some inspiration as the audience and I laughed our way through the scenario of 'Can it possibly get any worse'. Improvisation, seeing the same slide 25 times - (so exciting!?) and working with the pain of the moments had us laughing and almost crying from 7.45 to 10.30.
Sorry for the long interval without info everyone - I was remaking the second half!

Skated with Louise Owen and she coped well with the alterations...

I will be glad when the gremlins are out of this show technically. Even the guitar sound dissapeared between half time sound check and me playing - crazy.

However, it does show what can be done and the humour of the situation gave everyone more laughs than I had heard before so on a laughter / value basis this show - with technical meltdown - was the most successful. Maybe there is a lesson in that?

Have had to cancel some shows because of lack of support and reschedule others that had good audiences for a variety of reasons. My apologies for anyone who is inconvenienced about this, hope you can come to new dates.

In some ways, even with the enormous stress points the show is creating for me regarding technical issues ICE TIMES is developing in an exciting way. It is becoming more dynamic and more spontaneous - God knows where it will end up! But I hope there will be a lot more insight and laughter for the audiences that will build to and inform our next production...




jewell said...

Nicky - what are the new dates, will they go up on the website?

Maybe you should just do the show without the technology??

Jen said...

hey nicky - keep smiling through the problems. as they say...the show must go on! am looking forward to seeing the rescheduled show in Fife in July.

J x

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky!
Michaela again! Dont worry cause of the problems, they will, hopefully, soon fade! Ifyou are in trouble, you have a family and they will surely help you stay calm!
I am looking forward to new figure skating season! Cant wait till the start!
Best wishes!
Michaela, Czech Republic

miss emma said...

hi nicky! thanks for an awesome (if slightly different) show at croydon! me and my friend loved every minute of it and it was the best night out we have had in ages! we were right in the middle of the front row (next to the lady who would have to catch louise).
hope the gremlins leave you soon!
emma x

Anonymous said...

Like Emma my partner and I enjoyed every minute of the show, thought your new partner Louise was brilliant and coped with all your problems brilliantly. What a lovely skater she is and very pretty as well.

auntieflo said...

I loved every minute of this show even if everything did go wrong lol. The most hilarious night out in ages. Brilliant show and good luck for tomorrow in Fife :D