Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ha ha, Emma glad you enjoyed the - slightly different show in Croydon! Best night out you've had in ages with your friend - well we did laugh a lot, what a night!

I need a new partner for my next ICE TIMES show a week on Thursday. No pressure at all then!

I need a petite top class ice dancer to come out of the woodwork and magically appear! Actually I am taking steps to find someone who could take on the role but there seem to be very few girls who will fill the bill right now.

I sit in how to make the shows brilliant for the audience and not be beholden to 'the girl'. Otherwise the shows cannot continue. It's an interesting conundrum.

I'm excited about how the show has developed and we're working on all technical and content aspects to try to ensure we have all our systems robust.

But 'the girl' now there's the challenge.... we shall see. Know anyone? Let me know. 

We've changed some dates and I need to have the site updated! 
Sorry for people who were not able to see me in Hayes we'll be back July 9th




Anonymous said...

Why do you need a new partner, what has happened to the lovely Louise who was with you in Croydon, thought she was wonderful and managed to cope with being new and all your problems brilliantly - Bring her back for next week.

Anonymous said...

You could call in a favour from Jayne or Karen?! :-)

Anonymous said...

I got Louise's autograph when she left the Theatre on Thursday, she was lovely - bring her back I say, she did a brill job

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just cancel all the shows, you seem to be getting it all wrong - 150 people watching is hardly worth you doing surely

A concerned Fan

jewell said...

How's it going - did you find a new Louise?
Don't give up! I know, it's a learning curve, don't be defeated by it. I have to say that, because you have inspired me to not be defeated by the circumstances and challenges!