Monday, May 5, 2008

Liverpool Dancing On Ice Tour - Wedding Anniversary

The city where I was born. I am a Scouser! Probably wise to not let people know I support Manchester United then partly owing to the fact I was dragged away to Bury in Lancashire at the age of 18 months and grew up around the Manchester area.

Show 5 of 6 in three days approaches. The shows are all going very well and audiences are having a great time. Everyone seems to be fine - I imagine all the skaters will be shattered by the end of tonight.

Day off tomorrow. In Manchester all week. Wonderful. One show days from Tuesday to Friday so I've time for work out, do my show prep and some skating plus a show int he evening. Busy but a fixed schedule.

Tiger and Christiane like our hotel. It's gorgeous, light and central, a week relaxing for them and Christiane meeting up with family members will be just fine.

Great life for us on our Wedding Anniversary - today. One year on and we have a lovely little boy and are on the road with a show tour and lovely people - wow - we are so blessed.

Have a great day.




jewell said...

Oops, sorry, forgot - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
Enjoy your day off.

Mrs Redboots said...

Congratulations on your wedding-anniversary! May it be the first of many.

Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary Nicky & Christianne, what an eventful year you've had!

Hears to many more!

Love Sharon xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope the tour is going well, only another week to go and thats it over! Hope the tour returns to Scotland next year.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky! Congrats on your wedding anniversary from Michaela, Czech Republic! :-) May the family bring you as much joy as it brings you so far^^