Friday, April 25, 2008

The book is closed...

Every time I judge ice skating I have a note book. I write copious notes and then have a few choice phrases - or not - ready. Since Wednesday I've closed the book and now have to use my brain - ha.... Words still seem to come out but not quite sure what they will be!

And it's another day in the office for the Dancing On Ice Tour. Half way I think we are? Judges not quite agreeing on everything - as per usual. Show great fun - Carol from Loose Women was guest judge and did a super job tonight.

Skating at Slough from 9.15 am this morning for two and a half hours with Louise. We've been practising this week. A lot better this morning from me and we're starting to get things together for the next ICE TIMES show. I am a lot less like Bambi now (compared to Wednesday when I looked geriatric) but still having real challenges with my blade alignment. Can't hold forward insides - keep getting turned - i may have to buy a new set of boots and start the process again! Well that's what happens when you don't get new boots for about twenty years!!!! Workman blaming tools comes to mind but it's a pig to not feel the blades aligned correctly and I've moved them already. More incremental movement to come.

Went in to Christiane's work today with the family - she's on maternity leave right now. It was great to meet lots of her work colleagues and for Tiger to get passed around the ladies. he's fine with this.... He was quite taken with blonde hair of one of the girls at one point! 

We've taken to eating out of the hotel - it's crazy prices in there - even though its covered by the our. Anyway Man United are staying at our place tonight so it can't be that bad. I suppose they can afford the £10 extra gym fee and the £28 for breakfast as indeed we can but... well it's just not right!

Awaiting bus home. It's a glamorous life! And my driver Bisi - from the DOI TV series is here driving Linda home. Maybe they would swing past my place. I'll go and ask.




Anonymous said...

The tour is brilliant, you're a valuable asset to the show, you know what you're talking about!

And buying food elsewhere even if it's paid for out of principle is brilliant, you keep on protesting!

jewell said...

Totally agree about the expense thing - why pay silly prices for food etc that everyone else is getting for a lot less? And did you see the telly programme about the horrific state of some of the Radisson hotels!

I always wondered what the judges were writing, esp at the start, when no one has skated yet.
Glad Louise is back. What's next after the tour, (the holiday?) and Ice Times?

miss emma said...

thank you so much for coming out to meet us last night nicky! you were the only person to ask what our names were when you were signing! that made it more special! now DOI is finally over for me im even more excited about ice times in croydon! see you there! emma x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

Thanks for the interesting updates.
I went to Sunday night's show- last night at Wembley 'Wow'. What a wonderful show and great atmosphere!

All the skaters were superb(inc Chris)- but there is something special going on on that ice when you watch Suzanne & Matt. They are simply mesmerising and i didn't think i'd say that!

They have definately got charisma and share an amazing connection- Wonderful Pairs Partnership/Couple'!!!

I really hope that they will be back skating together again on TOUR next year!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been skating in Slough with your new partner? I hear her name is Louise also, can't wait to see the show in Croydon, any pics yet of the new Louise

Anonymous said...

I went to Wembley last Sunday afternoon and was disappointed at Suzanne Shaw. She's gone off the boil, not nearly as good as on the TV show. She would get better scores if she pulled her socks up, but as she won the show and is champ she maybe doesn't see the need to bother for the tour. Nothing wrong with Matt's performance though.

Anyway, the show was amazing and delighted to see Bonnie once more.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I know that Suzannes's performances have indeed been somewhat eratic. But, i believe that she is still nursing that 'ankle injury' hence the inconsistency in her performances during the tour.

Also, i would imagine that she is trying to ease the pressure in preparation for her forthcoming stint in Chicago- it can't be easy!

Nevertheless, she is absolutely wonderful & exciting to watch on a 'Good day'!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Suzanne is amazing and is joy to watch on a Good Day. I was just expecting to see the same on tour. I hope she comes back to do the tour next year.
Kyran is another one who is loads better than last year. He was my favourite this year on tour. He has added character and expressions and isn't so rough and ready like before.

Anonymous said...


I badly sprained my ankle(didn't fracture it) six years ago playing badmington and subsequently received intensive physiotherapy, heat treatment and even rested it for two weeks.
But, bizzarely it continues to 'play up'. There are times when it unexpectedly just 'Gives way' when i am in motion or even standing stationery and there is absolutely nothing i can do about it- it's just one of those things!

I suspect that Suzannne has not had the opportunity to fully rest her feet and be completely 'free from skating' which would explain her episodes of 'under performances'.

She's great though......and i hope that she can make a full recovery!


jewell said...

Come on, Nicky, I hope you havent closed your book altogether - we need another Show Report! I hope you are still writing anecdotes from the tour? How is everyone doing? Havent heard much about the pro's and the crew recently (apart from Bisi).
(P.S. Geriatric Bambi - I know how that feels!!)