Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Love it here. Great hotel, 5 minutes walk to arena, centre of town, people very pleasant and we're here for a week. Washing needs doing after two weeks on the road!  The practicalities of life. 

Tiger is doing brilliantly and is being looked after by various of the girls and Robin at various times. There's a pool area in the hotel where I think he should have his first swim. Well 8 weeks old it's time.

Show is changing with some of the skating couples really getting to grips with their routines so for us judges there's different results coming up. I've met people who are coming to the show 14 times!!! Goodness... and they will always see something new.

I got the judges dance right tonight - after 14 shows I've got it. Now to work on my style!




Laurziee said...

Hey Nicky

My names Laura and I'm 17. I met you in Newcastle on Saturday and I took a photo of you. I thought you might like to see it.

Heres the link

Thanks for stopping and letting me take it

Laurz x

jewell said...

:O Shocked! That's £700 for 14 tickets!!I know the show is good, but...

And you havent washed for 2 weeks?? (just dont do it in the swimming pool) ;)

Anonymous said...

Its a LOT more than £700 cos we got rinkside for 10 of them!!!! And by time you add booking fees etc!! And trains and hotels!!
Well worth it though just hope the credit card hasnt melted too much.

Tracey and Kirsten (Scotland

ps Nicky see you in Liverpool!!

jewell said...

Wow! I thought I had factored in rinkside and fees, never mind. They should give you special rates for being a frequent customer (groupie?)

I was going to go to Wembley, but...? Roll on the day when the arena is built in Brighton!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

Enjoying reading your blogs- you've certainly developed a style of your own.

Now, tell me if you will.....if Suzanne is unable to skate due to her persistant ankle injury- why can't she do the aerial routine, which let's face it was absolutely beautiful and would certainly satisfy her fans and the punters?


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicky is it true Karen is joining you on Ice Times?!

Let us all know if it is, would be great to see you both on the ice together again.

Anonymous said...

heya Nicky my name is Kate i am 16 and am a huge fan of yours a Karen's.

I hope the tour is going well and Tiger is good.

Wish i could have got to see the tour while you were up here at Newcastle but my dance classes will always come first!

Sounds amazing and good luck with the judges routine.

Kate x

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

glad ur havin such a great time on the tour!! im lovin it myself ..as i saw the very first one in sheff..was brill but i have rinkside seats wen u come bk to nottingham on the 14th...cant wait..so i will c u then

hope u an ur family are doing well!

plus i LOVE the judges dance at the end...i think u r hilarious tbh i have to admit u n karen r my fave judges!!

is it true that karen is joining u on ice times?? wud b fantastic to see u 2 together again!! think u cud perform on either DOI or DOI the live tour??

JoJo x x

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky!
Its me, Michaela, again! A great figure skating show was held in Prague on Thursday! It was called the Ice Arena Kings, and the participants were e.g. Federica Faiella, Massimo Scali, Radka Kovarikova and Rene Novotny, Philippe Candeloro, josef SabovĨik,Laurent Tobel,Johnny Weir, Aliona Sawchenko and Robin Szolkowy, our Tomas Verner etc. but mainly the incredible Yevgeny Plushenko:-) You should have seen it! Twas incredible indeed! I saw it on CZ TV, was not there!

this is a link to see Tomas Verner:

this one to see Plushy:

to see Josef Sabovcik