Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nottingham Dancing on ice

A good day. The show went very well and the judging panel was rocking along. I did a couple of interviews for BBC Radio Nottingham this afternoon for Jo and Sarah. Jo's was funny she has read this blog - HELLO JO! - and we had a laugh about the fact I don't have a TV! So now people in Nottingham will know, but hey, it's not a crime!

I thought I had a rubbish day yesterday. I was all over the place judging and speaking. Might be the result of pretty bad conjunctivitis and a trip from Brighton. It took Robin four hours and seven for us. Have to factor in feed stops for Tiger!

Anyway better today and on the ice with new boots. Blades set wrong so need to amend their positioning but good to be back on ice.

To Newcastle tomorrow - the crew and cast have gone in the tour bus. I'm here coming down after the show and enjoying a night in our hotel. Busy time for the crew with an overnight ride and a get in for a show tomorrow evening.

If you haven't got a ticket for Dancing on ice yet do get one. It's a great show and competition and the standard of skating from the celebs and pro skaters is high. Chris and Jayne aren't that bad either!

Goodnight. Now where's the makep remover?

Love N


jewell said...

It never ceases to amaze me how busy you guys are! Zipping back and forth around the country virtually every day! The logistics must be horrendous - but overnight get-ins (and -outs) are great fun too. The tour bus sounds great.
Never mind the makeup remover - where are the breakfast doughnuts and espresso??
I loved watching the techy parts of the show - pyro's especially - the ring of fire on the ice and the flame-throwers. Best performances were still Bonnie and Kyran, also Jayne and Chris's flying. Not so many pro routines this year (Boo!) :(
Hope your eyes (and boots) get better.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Sheffield one and it was amazing! Wasn't too near though and there's no more decent tickets left to go again! :(

Do you think there will be a 2009 tour? And is it worth hoping for you and Karen skating together for the show, do you think? :P

jewell said...

...just me butting in say that it's worth phoning the Box Office every day to try to get a decent ticket, as they are releasing new ones all the time. Also they are much more helpful and flexible than a website.

Anonymous said...

Your blog made me laugh! Whizzing about the country! You are so lucky! In my job as a teacher i stay in the one place all the time! (suppose the hols aren't bad!)

love to see you back skating on the ice - i'm in newcastle for tomorrow night's show and looking forward to my second show in a week.

Good Luck

J xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read you've suffered from conjunctivitis - it's awful! Looking forward to seeing the shows in London and hope nobody is injured and can't perform.

Anonymous said...

I hear your partner in Ice Times has gone to France. Who will you be skating with in Croydon? Can't wait to see the show

Anonymous said...

The tour is amazing. I saw it twice in Sheffield and have 3 more shows to go to, 1 in Liverpool and 2 in Manchester. I can't wait. Shame theres not many pro routines though :( Can I join you on the tour Nicky? It sounds like great fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky,

Loving the blogs and the fact that you are able to incorporate everyday family life- you're a regular guy afterall.

How's Suzanne? I hear that at present she's not fully participating in the shows. I've purchased tickets for Wembley and i'd hate not to see her and Matt skate their full programme (although, i'd fully understand if she remains injured) together. They are mesmerisig to watch- the chemistry between them electrifying. In short, they are a superb couple and indeed fully deserved to win the TV series.

Please could you enlighten us and give us an update on her well-being...We all wish her well!