Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well tomorrow there's another show and I'm working on more visuals and music this evening. I'm excited about building some of the photo content with music from the period it was taken in so the audience gets a feel of the time. 

I have a partner for tomorrow too which is super. Since last ICE TIMES Louise Owen and I decided not to keep our partnership going. Louise Walden by the way, my first partner, had only agreed to do the first four shows and then review things - she is now training in France so I needed someone else.

I've had a busy couple of weeks visiting some rinks and Kathy Green from Sheffield is skating in tomorrow's show. She only gets to skate on the plastic ice before the show in the afternoon - she'll be fine! Actually I'm sure we're going to have a have a blast.

I fell head over heels today, sore shoulders and hip tonight along with bruised elbow - I love the war wounds... 

Skated in Slough today - cost me £18 for the two of us for an hour and a half! Ha ha... made us work hard whilst we were on the ice though.

Wish us luck for a great show.




jewell said...

Sounds like it is coming together now. All the best for tonight.
£18 is about normal I guess. It usually cost me £9.50 at Guildford for one session plus 15 min lesson. Why cant we live somewhere that ice is less expensive (sigh!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky! I'm glad you have found a partner who isn't called Louise. I think skating with girls called Louise was giving you bad luck! lol. Hope that your show goes smoothly tonight with Kathy! Will be thinking about you! Was your son registered with the name Tiger by the way or is it still just a nickname?

Anonymous said...

From what I here it could be the Louises who where the unlucky ones!

katee said...

aww whats going on Nicky you should have got Karen in to help you- best ice dancer in the world your ex partner is :D

Marissa said...

Wow Joan must have found it really disrepectful that Louise now trains in France. If she doesn't think that British coaches are good enough to help her establish a name for herself, she shouldn't represent UK ice dancing.

Ps/ To the anonymous who said the Louises are unlucky - how could they be. This is Nicky Slater we have here!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read stories like that. Just add some pics :)

Anonymous said...

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