Friday, June 20, 2008

Great time in High Wycombe!

Well would you believe it ICE TIMES - the latest version - was brilliant fun last night in the Swan Theatre in High Wycombe. Charlotte, Zoeanna and Stephen did a great job and the show was a success! Well at least that's what many people in the audience told me afterwards.

My legs are starting to ache today. I skated miles as we brought together a theatre show in the afternoon, rehearsing and then performing in the evening all on plastic ice. Nothing like adrenalin and focus to keep you going.

So from having no one to skate with to three with me in the cast and then remaking the show to fit this dynamic as well as incorporating what I developed on the cruise has been my week! The result - well Richard said it was brilliant with great energy and fun - and he's a strong critic. For me, well I think it's the best show performance I've ever done - so I'm a bit gobsmacked by that and it leaves me today feeling a sense of accomplishment. Adversity and keeping going really does pay dividends then... Of course you are only as good as your last performance but I'm encouraged now to get better and build on this baby platform.

Richard - who drives me and assists with the show was a star as ever - he had a Guinness on the bar for when I finished - I think this should be written in to my rider, if I had a rider! We got back at 1 am. I couldn't sleep so 3 am before I went to bed. Too much of the sports drinks to keep me going perhaps. Tiger then proceeded to wake me what seemed like every ten minutes until 6am... Joys of being a dad!

Now the next shows to sort out. But my idea of having the show not dependent upon a single girl has legs. It's full on in the show developing routines and the unexpected in there. But I thrive on all that and it keeps things fresh! As you never know what will happen next...




jewell said...

Fantastic! Well done! I knew you would push thru and make something good come out of this :)
Riders - ha, ha, I was explaining these to DOI fans last year. Some people ask for the weirdest things and some are ultra-particular about what brands of food/drinks and various other items(!) they have in their dressing rooms.
Richard is great - as are the rest of your crew. I'm glad they stayed with you, even if your 'cast' didnt!
Where did you find Charlotte, Zoeanna and Stephen?

Anonymous said...

Zoe and Stephen are clearly going to go far. They are also coached by Simon Jenkins and Louise Owen at Slough Ice rink. What a credit to Zoe, Stephen and their coaches that they can pull a show up like that.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but did you choose to not contract the female skaters you worked with?

Anonymous said...

Zoe and Stephen a credit to Louise Owen and Simon Jenkins. And yet again you have Louise, the lovely little skater to skated with in Croydon if I'm not mistaken.

jewell said...

Who's watching the tennis? I heard Greg Rusedski commentating yesterday, but there were no skating jokes :(
I wonder if he's challenged any of the DOI skaters to do tennis commmentary? Also I wonder how did Sue Barker get into skating commentary?

d.gabster said...

Zoeanna and Stephen are also taught by katie Bennett and David Lunn at Guildford ice rink

They are currently the 2008 british novice dance bronze medal holders.




jewell said...

Ooo, I know Katie and David! Thanks for telling us who Zoe and Stephen are, I think I have seen them practicing at Guildford :)
So who is Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

she skates at guildford under david and katie aswell