Thursday, September 25, 2008


Autumn breezes, low light, beautiful air, I love the autumn.

Since writing we've been on the Ventura (P&O's new ship) cruising - I did two shows, they went very well but, with little one with us it was exhausting. Need a holiday to recover from the cruise! Also I always remake my presentations as they are organic and until they are done I can't fully relax. They were near the end. 

Had dinner one night in the White Room aboard the ship - Marco Pierre White's restaurant - hmmm... very nice. It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Having a wonderful productive time right now. Sorting and planning and writing, all cathartic, all good.

I read once that highly creative people need to be very organised. Having moved and the opportunity to get everything sorted everywhere is helping me clear the way to move ahead faster. It feels like we're creating the space for greater productivity...

We shall see. the proof of the pudding is in what is produced methinks.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky! I love Autumn with all his colors! And, besides, Autumn is a sign, that the Figure skating season is coming! Cannot wait to hear you once again commentating on Eurosport!
Keep going with your blog, it is really good ( it is the x-th time I have been here:D)