Friday, December 24, 2010


Eighteen minutes till leaving for a Christmas celebration with my brother and his family with my mother too. My website software is frozen so I can't update it, I have admin to do, which I keep putting off, I have not done a lot of contacts and friends Christmas messages - (we have sent quite a few but I need admin help!)... There is loads to do... and

I have a sense of PEACE... as I am here in my studio. The studio is starting to be much cleaner and sorted, a lovely place to be, another few items to make, buy and it will be welcoming and functional - a lovely space for an artist... ME :)

And I think about the story of Christmas. I am a Christian man and I watched The Nativity on the BBC last night - it moved me and brought home in a different way the Christmas message.

More than anything, be it financial success, celebrity, acclaim or derision, happiness or sadness, pain or joy it is about the person of a baby called Jesus. The incredible gift he was to free us - one by one - to have freedom and peace, that passes all understanding.

Wow that is where I sit right now. It doesn't happen often but I'd like to have more of it in 2011. And so for you too - here wishing you love and peace this Christmas 2010.

Love Nicky

9 minutes to go - must pack! :)


Anonymous said...

Nicky, you moved me with that article! I am a Christian,too, therefore let me wish you really blessed Christmas:)

Juliette said...

Happy New Year Nicky and please please post more on cruises this year, love to read more!

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