Friday, March 7, 2008


My beautiful wife has just shown me that there are comments on this blog. 

Ha ha I did not notice some of you had: 
- said hello, 
- given ideas for names, 
- offered congratulations 
and been touched by some things I've written.

So a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to write in. As I get to grips with this blogging thing I might even learn how to 'answer'! It's great to get comments:

Name for TIGER? - getting there - no that's not the name that's the process.

Just watched 'Walk the Line' Johnny Cash's story sat with C and little one - he was asleep. We first watched this film when we were courting! Ha ha and I too am being a second chance as he was.

About skating in Dancing on Ice? Well I think the whole crew should do a number with Holly and Phillip as well. Now that would be fun....

I think a duet with Holly and Phillip would be very special and maybe Andy Peters could do a turn on the tour as he's presenting as we go round!

You can, of course, see me ice dance with Louise on Monday in Tunbridge.... we've got 220 tickets sold so far - brilliant - aiming to break the 300 barrier for the first time. That would be a super achievement and a larger crowd gives a more exciting atmosphere.... On the way to my 500 a show audience goal.

I was thinking Christopher Dean aims for 20,000 seats sold a day on the tour, me... ha ha I'm going for a more modest turnout!

Oh... got to go - nappy duty calls.... I am the nappy changing king!




madfishie said...

unsure bout anyone else but i cant access nicky's photos....need help nicky

jewell said...

Ha, I wondered why the comments were not being answered!

madfishie - the link seems to have been removed. Still waiting for baby pics...

All the best with Tunbridge (maybe Jayne's parents will come and see you?)
And then the FINAL!!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance your Ice Times will go farther north than Fife? Possibly to Aberdeen?

Would love to be able to come and see this show but living north of Aberdeen makes it a bit difficult travel wise.

Best Wishes

Stephanie said...

What's a blog without comments? Bless, you'll be a pro at this yet!

Maybe you should get your show plugged more on dancing on ice, go on, sweet talk the producers!

Isn't it sweet when men realise they can change a nappy?

Tinkerbell said...

Would love to see you and Karen skating! Next season of Dancing on Ice... that's what I want to see...don't let me down!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicky
I loved your performance on Monday night at tunbridge wells. I think you are great and i think your little boy is so cute.
I just wanted to say you have given me so much inspiration - You have made me realize that i do want to do ice skating and i have actually got in touch with my nearest ice skating centre. I would love to be able to dance with you but know that, that will probably never happen.
Anyway must go. Thanks again - Mel

Anonymous said...

NICKY your awesome, glad you found the comments hehe!!

Hope the little one and Christiane are doing good =]

cant wait to go on tour, im there opening night, look out for Team Lenko!!!!