Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ha ha well hardly but...

Mirror two pager last week - they did me with content - hey ho...

Woman's Own two page spread out today - great pictures... well done Fiona for words.

Daily Mail two pager in a week or so to come.... see Femail for that - had a wonderful business lunch today to gear up for this. I concluded, after a glass of champagne and a little wine and great conversation that I need to be in an alpine resort with some ski-ing and skating to get me in the mood for the creative writing required. After all being in the right frame of mind is crucial for the insights to flow and a week away ski-ing would help me in this regard. Not sure this will be acceptable but we'll see if the receipts are covered when... if I go...?

Hello feature - the guys are coming tomorrow. I will need matchsticks to keep my eyes open and I'll need to clean the windows too... the glamour of it all! Think I'll have the team to help clean the windows, probably not a usual part of their job description. Don't know if little ine will stop feeding long enough to allow for a picture but we can live in hope.



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Luce100 said...

ha I read that article... did you really tell Karen she'd never be anymore than a checkout girl at Tesco's?

Not that I am berating you for any comments, (as brilliant as I think Karen is!) we all say things we shouldn't/wish we hadn't/come to regret, I just wondered if it was true..