Monday, March 10, 2008


There's a hurricane outside my window
On the seafront in Brighton this morning
It's 5.29 my eyes are stinging 
I'm so tired I'm past yawning
There's a lady and a baby beside me
They are fast asleep and I stand guard
I hope the windows hold against the gales
Windswept balcony furniture jars

There's a huricane outside my window
I'd like to sleep, I've a show tonight
But I'm on the bow of a ship facing this storm
My own and neighbour's windows alight
I'll be glad when I see the next dawn
And the white tops will settle to calm
No more chairs being blown around balcony
No more wondering if wind will do harm
And I think I can feel the building rock 
Still wife and baby sleep quietly beside
Another coffee soon and another magazine for me
As I blog another yarn...


jewell said...

Its here in Horsham, too! I woke up at 6.35 but didnt get up til 8am. I had to seal my letterbox shut with blu-tak. All the daffodils which only came out last week, have been flattened :(

I bet the sea in Brighton is great to watch - as long as you dont have to go out!

Ali said...

Just got in after the show in Tunbridge Wells which was thoroughly entertaining and emmensely enjoyable. Your son is so cute too!

Good luck with the rest of the tour.

Tinkerbell100 said...

oops we have tiles flying off our house tonight...

Hope the winds didn't do too much damage around you?

switchfootlauren said...

Heyyyy Nicky!

I hope your well!!!

My friend is compiling a recipe book, and trying to get as many recipes from Celebrities as possible, the book will be sold and money raised is going to be donated to World Vision ( - World Vision works to make a serious and sustainable impact on poverty and its causes, especially as they affect children.)

I was wondering if you would possibly be able to email/post your favourite recipe for the book ??????

It would be a huge help and definitely an honour to have in.

THANK YOU xx God Bless

Lauren Conroy, England